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I hate shopping for clothes

Hi all

now i am feeling a tad bit sorry for myself :rolleyes:

I know i have done fantastically well, (i keep telling myself this!) so i went shopping for some 3/4 length trousers so i can go cycling. All i asked is that they were a size 16. could i get any??????

NO. it doesnt help that my whole wardrobe of size 18 and 20 doesnt fit me and i have had to sew up pretty much everything to stop them from falling around my ankles, oh no, to go into a shop and try on 16's and not be able to get them over my ar*e, well i am like i said feeling a tad sorry for myself. :cry:

just thought i'd share, incase any of you are in the same boat and are feeling deflated - coz my OH says 'it's not you, its the darn shops that have it wrong'!!! lol.

oh well, i will give it another couple of weeks and give it another go.

sorry for the rant, but i do feel better now!

ta for listening xxx
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Awww I know how you feel, I tried a size 14 jeans on in Tesco and they were too big, so grabbed a size 12 on my way out, so excited that I was a 12 at last and they were too tight.... I kept them anyway and 2 weeks down the line they fit much better.... never know what size to buy without trying them on. Have also found when I was a size 20 you could never get a size 20 in the shops, always sold out, now that I am a size 12/14, they seem to be the ones sold out....
Persevere and in a few weeks the ones that dont fit will be too big and you will be glad you didn't buy them.
Izzy I was nearly in tears last night because of my hips. Went shopping to get a work skirt and a dress for the weekend for my birthday.
Found out I am into size 14 dresses. Thought yay that's great. Size 14 skirts too, but only if they are floaty types because my hips are about an 18 still!!!! :(:(:(
So no shift dresses for me and even tesco's 16 trousers were too tight. I hate shopping


wannabe yummy mummy
Izzy go try some other shops.
I'm the same greeneyes, Tesco 22's are too big and 20's are still too small grrrr!
Watergirl, i sympathis about the hips, but they WILL eventauuly catch up.
Maybe it's just Tesco's? :rolleyes:


Slimming down the aisle
Oh I totally know that feeling! I got big fat hippo hips which are a couple of sizes bigger than the rest of me and shrinking at a much slower pace so I'm not impressed! I have a size 20 waist, size 18 bust, but hips and a tummy that stop that!
Thanks Vickie (binned the FF idea lol). Yes, maybe it is. If you want to feel better about yourself go to Sainsburys. I got a skirt from there that was an 18 and I kid you not it was more like a 24.
So I got a 14 (this is when I was an 18) and it was miles too big still.

Glad it's not just me Caroline. Keep thinking when I am slim I'll have a lovely curve from my waist to my hips, instead of a ledge!! :)


Slimming down the aisle
Nope Luci DEFINITELY not just you! I too am huuugely looking forward to that! No end!


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I so know about this! I swear all sizes are different in the shops. I thought when i got to this weight, I would just be able to walk in to a shop and buy anything I wanted. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I still find myself stressing in the changing rooms. Some shops I feel great and others put me right back where I started. Anyway sorry for the rant but I went looking for hen night dress today and last weekend and couldn't find anything. I look like a bag lady in all my work clothes as they don't fit properly (but it makes me feel good just knowing they are too big).

oh I agree about Tesco sizes too- definitely weird sizes.
I'm not Luci lol! Although my real name is Liz, which is kind of similar :p x
That's what annoying me Aloize - feeling like a bag lady. My 18 trousers that I only bought a few weeks ago are hanging, but I can't find other trousers that fit.

I also don't want to spend money when I'll have to buy something else in no time at all. I can't afford it!

It's funny because having a shop make you feel bigger does set you back. My BF last night said - why not just get in an 18 and I almost screamed:

"because I've done this bloody diet and worked hard to not have to buy size 18's anymore"

I think I was in one of my CD rages/moods lol


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LOL- my bloke exactly the same. He just doen't get it.


loving life
I just can't wait to not have to shop in evans anymore lol. Anything too big will be a bonus Zoe x


wannabe yummy mummy
It'll happen so quickly Zoe if you stick at it.
I'm at the in-betweeny stage too, my future MiL even offered me the money for new jeans LMAO.
I think I'm gonna drop into Sainsburys tomorrow ;)


Slimming down the aisle
I'm not Luci lol! Although my real name is Liz, which is kind of similar :p x
Whoops!!! Sorry, was just the Luci's challenge bit, sorry!

Clothing - Tesco.Direct

That's tescos size guide if it helps anyone!

I've been taking a look at a few which has been helpful in looking at the different sizings in different places!
Wow, glad it isnt just me!!

i shall definitely give Sainsbury's a go later then. Thanks all - it does feel so much better having a rant, and my OH appreciates that its not at him getting it for a change!!!


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