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i hate water


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Not really, you can have coke zero but NOT as a subsistute to water.

Have you tried putting a touch of lemon juice in the water? Water is very import to the diet, if you don't have enough you'll inhibit your weight loss.
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it also helps keep you' regular' down there hun,

i dont understand how you can hate water?? it tastes of nothing, it is only a case of getting used to it, if you think about it, i bet until now all your drinks were suagry, juices/fizzy and coffee drinks...


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Our water is awful up here, its really hard water so it tastes disgusting and has limescale bits floating in it.

Have you thought of putting a dash of sugar free squash in it eva??

xx Cathy xx

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Think you really need to learn to like it hun as you need to stay hydrated to flush the by-products of ketosis out of your system, it helps with the fat burning process and also helps with constipation. If you really can't stand it Robinsons fruit and barley sugar free lemon is quite low but wouldn't use it all the time (same goes for fizzy drinks) as the citric acid in them can make you stall or effect ketosis xx


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I have days like that too. If your drinking coke zero im presuming you are ok with citric acids. If this is the case then i find sainsburys basics range in orange and apple and blackcurrant the lowest. Both with only a trace of carbs per serving.
I tried one of those Volvic (touch of strawberry) drinks today, and the strawberry was VERY overpowering. To close your eyes, you'd swear it was cordial or something. You could probably add some of it to a glass of normal tap water and it would still taste quite fruity.
Yes yes yes!!!!!! So I'm NOT alone!
I have even bought a filter jug the sits in the fridge (and mostly dies of boredom) but I AM learning and there is no doubt there is a direct correlationship between lots of water and lots of weight loss.

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Ice cold water is much easier to drink than warm ish. But no you are so not alone. When i say ive had water its actually mixed with squash
Do you like green tea Eva? that would be good as well.


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I definately find that ice helps, we invested in an iced maker about 5 year ago, extravagant I know, but honestly we use it all the time, its the best gadget we have ever bought.

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