I have 30g/40g Carbs but I am in ketosis!!!

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  1. knigh7

    knigh7 New Member

    Hi All,

    I have been on a diet for three weeks, I have been on a low calorie diet, i think i have entered ketosis unintentionally!!

    My symptoms were
    • Funny Tast first 8 days
    • thirst especially the last few days
    • and recently dry mouth when sleeping

    I bought some Ketostix and in the morning it registers .4 (in the middle of the colour chart) after drinking a couple of cups of water it comes to trace!

    My question is, how is it possible to be in Ketosis as I usually have around 30g to 50g of carbs a day????

    I also exercise 5 times a week burning 500 cal per exercise.

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    Hey Knigh7,

    If you're exercising that much then you're just instantly using up all the carbs you eat. How many calories are you consuming?

    If you're using up 2500 cals just from exercise, then you need to make sure you still have an adequate intake, I reckon. I think you will probably need to eat quite a lot!

    Why not post a food/exercise diary?

    SL x
  4. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

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    You can go into ketosis under 50g carbs. The move to trace does not mean you are coming out of ketosis - it just means the water you are drinking is diluting the ketones. It is not bad or actually that good either to go into ketosis, sometimes it just is. In normal activity the body doesn't really need carbs BUT if you are exercising vigorously you definately do need carbs, so make sure you are having enough for the level of exercise you are doing.
  5. knigh7

    knigh7 New Member

    Thanks for the reply, ramadan is next week and I shall be fasting, as I wont be exercising
    would it be a good idea to keep my body in ketosis and keep on having low/no carbs foods after breaking my fast?
  6. knigh7

    knigh7 New Member

    Sorry i meant I exercise 5 times a week
  7. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    Slimming World - at home
    If low carbing has curbed your appetite - as it often does - you might find it easier to stay in ketosis while you are fasting. Remeber to drink water when you are allowed to as you really need water to keep your metabolism going. I know you won't be able to drink it during the day. Make sure you don't drink loads at the same time too much all at once could be harmful - spread it out as much as you can, though I guess you will have to sleep a bit too lol.
  8. knigh7

    knigh7 New Member

    yes it has curbed my appetite, this is the thing i do not feel hungry, sometimes i do get cravings but I actully do not feel hungry that much!!!

    When I dieted before, i used to always feel hungry all the time, i was surprised that even at 30g to 50g a day made me go into Ketosis!
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