I have a question...

I want to go back to doing WW (not going to meetings but I have lots of the stuff at home still) and I know from past experience that I can't handle the Core Plan but, as I still live at home I'm not allowed to make my own teas because there isn't room/time. I can make breakfast and dinner but for tea I have to have what my parents' have and my dad's not the kind to go about weighing ingredients before cooking.

The type of food that they eat isn't too bad, there's plenty of vegetables and the portions aren't enormous but there's usually spaghetti or white rice or something with it, and as soon as they can afford to buy a chip fryer or get the oven fixed then it'll probably be lots of chips.

But my question was, is it worth trying to do points if I set aside a certain number for tea and work out the rest of the day from the other points? I'm allowed a maximum of 22 a day so what would be a good sort of amount to save? Has anyone got any ideas because I'm utterly stumped.
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well you could easily fit a normal breakfast with 5 points, and lunch 7, so that still leaves you 10 for tea. I mean 30g non-sugary cereal and 1/4pt skimmed milk is only what.. 2 points? could be 2.5 depending what cereal you choose, but still.. you could easily save most of your points for tea time. If you're unhappy with the choice, just make a positive decision to only have a small portion of the chips / rice / spaghetti, that way you are at least consciously watching your intake and are less likely to overeat x


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I would find it difficult to say no to food if it was right in front of my face. Oats so simple is 3 points and quite filling...I think I would cope with it by saving as many points as possible, eating LOADS of veggies through out the day so you are not that hungry when it comes to tea time.
I had a 12 point lunch today and was not hungry at all for tea! May work??
I think that I'll end up having a bananna or apple for breakfast, I can't stand oats ( but thanks for the suggestion :) ) and I usually eat healthyish lunches but the main problem I have is the snacking, for some reason Iceland calls to me when I'm waiting for the coach home - pringles and iced fairy cakes.

If I don't snack as much I don't know if tea will be that bad, I'll have to give it a go for a week and see what happens and then adjust from there I guess.


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Good luck honey!! (i too hated oats until I tried the golden syrup oats so simple....doesnt taste like porridge and is really sweet!)