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I have been a bad bad girl


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oh dear:whoopass: But don't worry....been there, done that blah, blah, blah. I've gone and had meals (not the healthiest of meals either) and told myself day 1 again tomorow, do ss successfully for a couple of days then, eat something I shouldn't have. I know it's always harder to get back on it, my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and even 7th time proved that. but hey, here i am, day 7 again and I'm actually doing it!!! I'm so determined. Just keep thinking how much i would have lost by now if i hadn't wobbled and given in all those times (all in about 3 and a half months lol!)

I know its hard but it is sooooo worth it. But as you know, only you can think, yes i'm going to do it, and no i'm not going to eat that food. no-one else can tell you.

Just think, the sooner you do this, the sooner you can get back to your normal meals again. no guilt included :)

here....sending you my positive vibes lol.:vibes:
I know, but I was sucessful for 15 weeks, not slip ups, then I have a 5 week break and now this time it is really hard. Debating using it like slimfast, as in SS during day then having a meal at night.

I don't know what to do for the best! I am so angry with myself, plus I have loads of social events this week.


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It IS harder the 2nd/3rd etc time around. The 1st time is magical - after that it is very much more difficult so i sympathise and empathise.

I'm back on day 1 (forget how many of them I've had!!) but determined to get there eventually. Good luck and hopefulyy we'll soon be on day 3 and the worst will be behind us!
What annoys me is today would have been on day 10 today. I don't think my head is in the right place at the moment.


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Don't beat yourself up about it .. have you thought that maybe you might do a higher level plan like 790 or 1000 - might be more suitable for a few weeks and then you can always go back to SS'ing when the time is right for you??


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I think Dee is right that you might consider trying 790 or one of the other plans and it is so hard sometimes to get back into SSing.

I am day 2 of 790 fingers crossed:p

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Mini

I feel bit sorry for you as its so so difficult once you have eaten. I am really struggling at the moment as I was ill then had a week 790 (not very successful I must say) and each and every morning start afresh with SS

Managed to do it so far today but come to 6 O'clock then I eat a meal.

Dont it make you really really mad ~ why do we do it to ourselves

Good luck with your restart ~ my plan is to get though my birthday celebrations (that seem to be taking a whole month) get though the menorca holiday and then restart. I then have 6 weeks before I tour europe so should loose at least 1 stone

luv luv
I have had a right battle going on inme today, I have decided that as my head and heart are not in it, I am going to calorie count for the next few weeks and see how I go, I cn always go back to SSing, but I have spent the last few days so depressed, and tearful and downright nasty to my other half that I am not willing to put him through it. Your head has to be in the right place, and I think with changes at work, organising the wedding, and the social events I have coming up it's not a good idea. Just have to break it to my CDC now, and as she has been really good, I don't want to let her down. I am proud that I done 15 weeks and was 100% with it, but this time round I have failed. I am happy with the weight I am, although I want to loose more, I will now take the scenic route rather than th M25. :wave_cry:
Well, back on CD, day 4 and doing really well. No cravings, no wanting to throw my toys out of my pram! And I am really happy!:)


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Woohoo!! Well done you, just remember how much the water helps and you'll be in ketosis by the weekend and then it really is a quick trip.

You've done well to get your head back on it so now time to finish what you started!!


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