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I have been TOLD to re-feed.


A little of everything!
At my WI this morning I got a trainee so I asked to see the senior pharmacist to discuss re-feeding for a week, then my options after (whether to return to tfr, of continue re-feed/maintenence). He looked at my records on screen and asked if he could check my ketones, as LT advised if loss was slow (or there were gains!) that they're checked. I had no problem with this and explained that ketostix had always been negative for me since the first week or so. He nodded, and smiled and informed me that the stix were indeed negative- then told me there were only two reasons for this- not enough water, or I'd eaten- therefore wasn't in ketosis. I explained I'd contacted LT directly about negative ketostix and had a range of reasons why they'd test negative (too MUCH water- so the excess ketones are flushed away, medical conditions, not producing excess ketones- i.e. the body had adapted and was producing enough ketones, and there was no excess to measure, plus a few others I can't remember?) I told him I was diligent about the amount of water I drank, so definately had enough, so of course in his mind the only reason for my 'failure' is that I've been cheating. I was inwardly furious, but held it in, and went on to explain that I'd decided to re-feed from this week anyway as I felt I was wasting my own effort & money, but that his colleague had been very encouraging, telling me to stick with it, that everyone is different etc. etc. - his reply "You will re-feed from today" (!) No query, no argument, no discussion. If I hadn't wanted to re-feed anyway, I definately think he would've refused to let me continue with TFR- thats how obvious he was.
He pi**ed me off. :mad: He obviously thinks I've been cheating, and am in denial. :sigh:

I'm going to re-feed as best I can this week, then return to TFR for a week before my next WI to hopefully counter-act any gains I may have from not being able to re-feed 100% properly (I've been surprised with a few days away next week by my hubby for those who haven't been following my 'saga'! LOL!).
Then I'll see if I'll do another week tfr (I have extra packs), or go back to re-feed properly, as I'll be at home and able to control my food.
I have 10lbs to go to get to target. I will do it- with or without his help!! :(

EDIT: God- I do ramble on...sorry! Am annoyed....
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id be annoyed to silly ****ard!

but i really do admire your determination! :)
Wow Irish I don't really know what to say...... I do admire your strength at holding down your temper ;) I don't know if I could have been as calm as you given what he was trying to insinuate :mad:

You are a very determined lady so good luck with the refeed. I hope you have a lovely few days away with your OH ;)
Hiya :)

Sorry to hear that this rude senior pharmacist upset you :( I had a similar experience a few weeks ago :grumble: You would think that they would try and understand and not just "assume" that you ate and are in denial!!! :rolleyes:

Goes to show how much that person didnt know. Perhaps you can talk to LT about this???

They should have some sort of information leaflet addressing all the issues with the LT diet?? Not just the info on plastic bags and dvd (i wasnt even offered that!!!) :rolleyes:

I wish you all the best with your re-feed, and then your TFR the week after :happy096:

Dont let that muppet get you down!!! :cool:

Lei xxx
Well done for not battering him! (and well done on your loss)


A little of everything!
LOL! Thanks Ladies. I've calmed down a bit now. I've my hands full at the minute with two sick toddlers (suspected swine flu!)- one of whom is 2 today! So thats taking all my energy- I haven't time to stew on him, but I probably will this evening!

Thanks for noticing my tiny (as usual) loss Elle-Emm!

I'm in two minds whether to bother emailing LT again to see what they think, or just sod it and plough on with my re-feed/holiday, then tfr/re-feed week and see how I get on myself?

I'm going to enjoy my break regardless....:p;)


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Irishmum

You have done so well on just keeping going;I think the majority of us would have given in my now! Not you..you have a will of steel, and you so deserve to have been treated better!

I wouldnt even waste my energy any longer on fighting them....it is important that YOU know you havent cheated....that is all that matters! YOu have done incredibly well in the circumstances, AND are only 10lbs away from your goal. I do believe you will get there, by hook or by crook.

ENJOY your time away; you deserve it so so much....and just relax!

Looking forward to earing about your re-feed when you get back.

Take good care and do hope your children are ok????? Hope it isnt swine flu!


A little of everything!
Thanks Scotsmist- so do I!!

Hope you're taking it easy?
awww irish i'm sorry to hear this. you have been so strong all the way through despite the trouble you've had.

enjoy your re-feed and holiday and you never know you may have a big loss?!!

have you thought of doing the maintence programme to lose weight...that might work! just a thought.

whatever you decide to do. good luck. :D
I always think of you on a Friday morning Irish! scanned your post twice for mention of your actual result, lol ;)

keep your humour up and you'll go far in life...

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
What a rude twit he was!

Your so close to your goal hang on in there , people have had good losses on re feed as well ( except me haha)


A little of everything!
Kerry & Collette- If I can't lose weight doing TFR, I don't fancy my chances while on re-feed/maintenence! LOL!
At this moment in time I'll be happy to maintain my losses so far?


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Yep, i too admire your determination Irish - to stick at it like you have takes some going!

Dont let your stupid pharmacist wind you up and get you irate - aslong as you know you havnt cheated let him think what he likes .... silly man!

Saying that, good luck on your refeed chick - see you over in the refeed section :D xxx


A little of everything!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
I was just thinking that maybe a change is as good as a rest, and might be good to kick start your body ?


Positivity is the key
Hi Irishmum,
If anyone deserves a medal, you do!! Firstly you stay on this diet do it 100% and have a hard time, then your chemist acts like that!!! Very unfair - I am being restrained here.
Sorry to hear about the kids, I hope it passes and isn't swine flu, you don't need that now.
You have done so well keeping all the balls in the air, you should be very proud of yourself.
Best of luck on the refeed. Keep us informed, don't want to lose you.


I will be skinny again!!!
Well done for holding it all in chick :)

I think refeeding is a good idea, see how you get on and what losses you have :) xxx

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