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I have blown this week megastyle!

Was doing so well despite using 39 of my weeklies on my first day thanks to Hubbie's clueless shopping for tea!! :rolleyes:

then we had such a beautiful family gathering on Wednesday and I have not been able to eat sensibly since! Oh yes, I've started the day with good intentions to follow the advice on here not to let one slip up wreck the week, but then yesterday I ate rubbish, and finished it off with a big bag of giant buttons and rose wine, today have taken my salad to work for lunch, then stopped on the way home and eaten rubbish since.

Now my mindset is well no point being good tomorrow because I weigh in on Sunday so one day won't make a difference to a loss, I may as well just shovel my face!!!

I feel like a freak. I soooooo want to eat well and lose weight - and truth be known I thoroughly enjoy the plan, but once I hit a bit of a slippery slope I can't stop til I have hit the self destruct button totally!!

Sorry - rant over. Just needed to get that off my chest and take myself out for a huge :whoopass:
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Hi DD, I'm sure we can all sympathize as we've all been there. I know it is hard but try to stick to points today as if you do have a gain tomorrow it won't be as bad as if you stuff yourself today.

I've had a bad week, not pointed a thing but just ate and drank what I wanted, not sure if I was over points or not but I still lost 2lb, I was truly shocked but I do exercise at the gym and I go cycling so that must of helped.

Also remember if you do throw the towel in today, it is ok, just get back on the diet wagon tomorrow and back on these forums for support x

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Yes you are right!! :D

Back on track today..........will go and fill my daily diary out now!

failed this week as well!

I'm another one that has failed miserably this week, in fact I only started WW 2 wks ago and didn't got to my 2nd WI as I had such a bad week. I was stressed with stuff and so decided to have a week 'off'...... I am definately back on track wef Monday and will go to my WI on Thurs and face the music! I enjoy WW and knowing I am eating healthily I just need to keep focused and not use my emotions as an excuse to eat.

thanks for listening! - and good luck to anyone else needing to get back on it next week :)
keep pointing!! I know it seems strange but this happened to me last week. Sat I went for mexican meal and had cocktails, champagne, the lot! (engagement party) sunday I had a susage roll at the pool and a roast dinner and last monday I had mcdonalds. I pointed it ALL despite being -35 OVER my weekly points at WI day. I somehow managed to STS and I am back on track now. keep pointing!
amazingly I have lost 0.25lbs!! :eek: But for the sake of posting here will call it STS.

I am sooooo delighted you can't believe it, after everything I have eaten and drunk on a 3 day pilgrimage to the kitchen, I don't deserve to have done anything but gained!!:D

If in doubt peeps, there is your evidence - get back to pointing the next day and you can progress! :)

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