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I have bonky hair !!!!!!!!!!


a bit different everyday
well i washed my hair this morning and screwed it up in a bun to dry , at 11.30 i went to pick Louis 3 up from nursery and on the way took my hair down, it had dried all wavy
anyway Louis came out and was staring at me very strangely
i said 'louis whats wrong
to which he replied 'mummy youve got bonky hair'
so its official
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At least you've still got hair!
mine is all falling out!
kids say the best things, when my daughter was 3 she came funning to me shaking her hand....'mum, my hands fizzing'....turns out she had pins and needles.....very good discription.......


a bit different everyday
i know they are hilarious arent they , once years ago when my daughter was 2 she was running along the pavement ,as she was wearing shorts i said be careful because if you fall you will cut your knees, she looked down at the floor then up at me and said 'mummy no scissors on floor'
God love em, it makes me chuckle when I read stuff like this, my daughter used to call bird poo "boo pird"


a bit different everyday
my eldest couldnt say 'cream' he used to say 'peen'
[for the cream they have on their face]
even now 10 years later we say peen not cream
'go and get the peen for me'


Radix lecti
my niece always called christmas crackers - christmas crappers and that one has always stuck :D

She went around for a while saying oooshh when ever she dropped something having heard my brother mutter Oh Sh*t under his breath. (You have to be so careful around them!)

She also never mastered the word pakistani referring to stackapanis.

She's 21 now with year old twins of her own. I'm sure she will appreciate me sharing this :D


Our house has annoying changes of floor level between many of the rooms.
When No1 was small she named them all as she was for ever fallingup or down them.
They each had a specific name but the collective word was 'Homson.'
To this day any internal step is called a homson.

Oh & those horrid tinned sausages that come in with tins of baked beans are called 'Diddies' & broccoli is called 'Tree' & the remote control is called either 'Telly-hand' or 'the Hello'
(No3 thought it was a phone & used to say hello into it.'

Doubt I'll ever want to convert back to the normal words for these things


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Cucumber is snozcumber in our house. thanks to the BFG.


a bit different everyday
we also have the telly thing which is the remote
ogurts are obviously yoghurts
rinkets are what we call blankets after rianna used to say where my rinket for her blankie
and when louis wants a drink he ALWAYS says 'ive got a short throat' because i once many months ago asked him did he have a sore throat


Taking Back Control...!!!
My sister used to say pow bum for talc cos it was powder that went on yor bum...lol!

She also had a little friend who came round our house and 'pumped'... she was only about 4 and said 'sorry I did a f*rt' - this has stuck and now if anyone does 'pump' - we always say 'sorry I did a f*rt'...lol

The best was when mum took my sister to a public toilet and it was a bit of a walk and then there was a queue and she stood in the queue and just wet herself...:eek: (she was only about 3 - honest!!) when mum asked why she'd done it she said 'my bottom got all excited and I couldn't stop it...lolol' - we still stay that now and she's 33!!!!

My kids couldn't prounounce 'v' so we always watched the bideo, wore glubs, and said I lub you.....lol!!

Oh and one more.... dad nicknamed my sister 'maggot' cos she was so wiggle as a baby..... my brother still calls her 'mag' to this day....

Kids dontcha just lub em.....lol!!


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hhmm, yes that reminds me of my brother, my dad always used to call him Tatty Tayler as he always looked like he had been hauled through a hedge backwards.
He's 47 now and both me and my dad still call him Tat :D
My daughter used to call handkerchiefs "hankershniffs", which i thought summed them up exactly.

Vinegar was "vigg-e-ar".

The remote was called "the push"

Slippers were called "pings" as my (now ex) hubby used to put their slippers on and "ping" the elastic on the sides.

Weetabix was "O K" because of the advert running at the time

And the most confusing - Fuffuffs - which were either (a) crisps (b) biscuits (c) quavers or (d) cake depending on what was on offer in the cupboard at the time!


a bit different everyday
oooh these are all lovely to read
we also have glubs and broccoli is called little trees
fans are vans in our house, Jaden was such a wiggler that we called him wiggly woo for ages and still now at 3 he is called wigs
funny isnt it
nat x

love the hankersniffs classic
when i was small and had holes in the toes of my socks, my did would stick his finger in and wiggle it saying leedele....to this day i still say i have a leedele...i'm 40 now. sad or what.


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when my daughter was about 5, we were having a game of "eye spy" and we were trying to guess her word beginning with "F". AGES later we were all scratching our heads and gave in...she laughed, tutted and addressed us as if we were stoopid... "its FIDEO!" whilst pointing at the row of videos on the bookshelf! lol. well...silly us.....


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hhmm, it's not just the young. We have elderly neighbours and they are convinced our dog is called Fizz and have been calling him that since he was a pup (he is 5 now). He is actually called Wiz but i don't have the heart to tell them, not that he cares :D

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