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I have decided....

a) Choc mint shake with hot water is minging
b) I need a wee again
c) i think i may still go for a meal with family for my birthday, but have a teeny weeny chicken salad with no tomatoes...

THEN! starting saturday i'll be on the straight and narrow. No coke zero either cos i reckon it's not doing me any good, and i'm avoiding chewing gum too.
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I have decided ...

a) Trying to make CD porrige with Fybogel instead of psyllium husks is a no-no! :sign0137:

b) I need to make the effort to be a bit more active :chores016:

c) I need to make the effort to drink more water :character00117:
i am not so sure aout the sole source. thinking bout doing the 700 plan.... had to leave work earliy as one of the girls having a birthday lunch .... coukdnt cope with the smell of a fresh french stick
finding the day fine but come the evening i struggle badly.
vanilla shakes are yummie thou
I have decided that:

a I spend far too much time on here!
b I must stay away from my kitchen the temptation is far too great!
c I shouldn't give bluegrapefruit ideas on hot choc mint drinks!!!!

It was the most rank thing ever! sacrificed half of my choc tetra to cheer me up. Now, something bloody awful has happened - just tested for ketosis and it was negative!!!!


Bloody stupid chewing gum of hell. I KNEW i wasnt loosing anything this week.

*runs around the room Fing and blinding*


I will get to goal .....
hang on hang on ....

just because the ketones didn't show in your pee test doesn't mean you're not in ketosis. My guess is that you've drunk loads of water today and that you've diluted the little bu$$ers so much you can't see them. Perhaps try again in the morning with a stronger piddle on your stick?

It's not all bad - focus on the positives. You are 8lbs down already and you have a lovely ickle chickie salad to look forward to for your b'day.

Chin up now - you're doing great

Oh dear Blue Grapefruit!! Lol....sorry I know I shouldn't, but I have an image of you cursing!!
I'm just a bit annoyed this week. There's been loads of times that i've fallen asleep on the settee too early to have my shakes and soups... Think there's only 1 day this week i've managed my 3 portions, most days i've been managing 1 and a half.
I know my body has gone into "crisis", must get back on track and try and stay awake!
Don't think i'll bother weighing this week...:(
Oh dear Blue Grapefruit!! Lol....sorry I know I shouldn't, but I have an image of you cursing!!
It's all good hun, gotta get those demons out eh?


I will get to goal .....
c'mon chick - it's not all that bad.

What we need to do is formulate a plan ....

1. BG will have every one of her shakes/soups from now onwards
2. BG will go to weigh in - that'll help you focus and stay on track
3. BG will have a little power nap straight from work (setting an alarm so as not to over-sleep) and avoid falling asleep too early in the evening
4. BG will remember all the reasons she is here and doing CD and have a bit of faith in herself and the diet

How does that sound??
Work!? I'm a student in my 3rd year and have been left alone to research the genetics of cancer predisposition. So basically, i read stories all days about women who are my age finding out they have cancer of the breast, and they have already lost their mothers, grandmothers, aunts and cousins.

No wonder i'm feeling so SH*TE today!

Calling me BG reminds me of Sex and the city.... by the last episode you'll find out my name! hehehehe.

Thank you all for being so positive. I just need a small reality check and something to "eat", lets try again with a cold choc mint eh?

Mwah! Love Leah xxx


I will get to goal .....
Blimey - as much as I dislike work I think i'd rather be here than doing your research. No wonder you are getting a bit fed up today.

Cold mint choc is fabulous idea - sit back and enjoy!

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