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I have decided.................

Its my birthday later this month and have been reading on here how when people have a day (or more) off cd some struggle to get back to it, so i have decided that I will be ss-ing my birthday this year.

I will still have the usual big choc birthday cake for my kids, family and friends that come round, just coz im doing cd dosnt mean they cant come round and celebrate (and bring me pressies).lol

I dont want to risk it now im getting so close to goal, if I stick to it I should be at goal for christmas.

Wish me luck.xxx
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Susan, I'm going to be doing the same thing. Its my birthday on the 11th, and i will be ss'ing too. There is no way I'm going to break this diet for anything. Going to get where I want to be, then teach myself to eat properly. I dont have a big family, its just me and my daughter and my mum and dad, who are ancient lol and we dont normally have cake etc for birthdays because we are all grown ups. Bascially its just me and my daughter so there wont be any temptations. Good luck you, I'm very lucky that I dont have any temptations, it must be much harder if you do. But then again, I bet you get loads more pressies than I do lol
Lynne x
PS....... ~Thank goodness I live alone with my dog!!! My ketosis breath this morning is a killer. I could sell it as a weapon of mass distruction if I could bottle it!
Lynne x


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Well done, it's one birthday out of many (Urghh) so this time next year you'll be able to celebrate however you like, looking slim and gorgeous!
I think it's a great decision.
susan i thinks thats the best decision u could make honestly i had to come of 6 weeks ago due to medical stuff i had to have done and am just now getting back on it day 2 and i feel horrifc much worse than first time around ..... just see it as your taken this time out for the new you better to get there in one go then enjoy the rest of your life birthdays and everything all slim n lovley if i manage to get into ketosis im even going to stay on over xmas going to lose the weight once and 4 all xxxxx
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I think you're right to ss on your brithday. I don't want to break my diet either and I think it would be much harder for me to get back onto CD than to ss on my birthday.

Lol did that make sense - hope you know what I meant :)
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I think you're brave.... There is no way I could ss on my birthday.... xx I'm sure you'll be fine & what an acievement then you wake up the next day & not a morsel has passed your lips!


please try again
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good for you hun
plenty more birthdays with you in gorgeous outfits
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good idea i wouldnt do anything wrong which ment i had to restart again, and not suceed happy birthday for later x


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Hi Susan ... Think your doing the right thing , at xmas you can have a birthday bash then , it will just be delayed , party on sister lol
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This is the best birthday pressie you can give yourself .... and all your other (slim) birthdays you'll thank yourself!
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i ss-ed on my birthday in august and it was tough mentally because so many celebrations revolve around food. but physically it was fine, i just didn't have any cake or party food, i had my shake!

we went out to see mama mia singalong for my birthday treat and i took a litre of water and glugged that instead of pic n mix!
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Good plan. I opened my cards with a strawberry shake for breakfast and still had a lovely day dreaming of how slim I would be by next birthday.


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well done, i made a similar decision. were going away for 4 days, but decided to stick to ss as its too close to xmas to start faffing.
you`ll be at target in no time.

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