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i have fallen off the wagon :(

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ive been avoiding the forum for the last couple of weeks as i feel such a failiure. over the last couple of weeks ive really struggled and have been eating most days. theres a lot going on at home, and i know that im an emotional eater, and i know i need to cut the tie between food and feeling better. i found easter really hard as well, we went to my bfs parents (his mum is secretly martha stewart i think!). at one point i literally had to run from the table that was spread with trifle, hotcross buns, crumble, cake and ice cream! i ended up in tears because i just sat there watching everyone eating bowl full after bowl full of food while i just sat there with nothing. it sounds so pathetic in retrospect but it really got to me. its like in the movie labyrinth where sarah is at the ball and the faces start whizzing by but it was food and people being happy eating food swirling by me! i swear im cracking up! ive been eating fairly healthily, protein and small amounts of greens or salads but i did cave in to some chocolate which i feel really guilty about. i just cant stop!! ive only put on about 3lbs so far but im so scared im going to do what i always do and end up right where i began and then some! i know i need to do this, and i really want to do this, i just dont know if i can. im not drinking nearly enough water atm either, and i keep telling myself too but somehow it just isnt happening. im finding it really hard to draw a line under it all and move on. im sorry for rambling on its just that all i go on about to my bf/friends is my diet and i think theyve probs had enough of it lol.

concretedaisy x
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Aww daisy I had a bad week to.

Whens your next weigh in? Mine wasn't meant to be till next Thursday but I rang my CDC who agreed to see me yesterday to weigh me because I knew I wouldnt get back on track until I'd been weighed and seen the damage.

All I can say is this diet isn't easy so stop beating yourself up! Go and fetch some water right now and get that down. You CAN do this because you ARE doing this, it's just a minor blip at the moment, only you can decide if that's all it's going to be or if you're going to give in and admit defeat (and you aren't going to do that are you!!??!!)
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Hey concretedaisy, im struggling big time at the moment aswell :cry: ive fallen off the wagon and just cant pick myself up and get back on track again!! ive been eating all the rubbish i can stuff into my face at the moment and just cant stop!! im struggling getting it into my head that ive only 24lbs to go and then im at target!! feel like im sabotaging (rubbish at spelling) my good work and nothing i do or say to myself is helping!!! its just sooo not easy is it!! I keep trying to say to myself that once i get to target and start eating again aslong as i learn to control myself i'll be able to (in moderation) enjoy all the food that im seeing everyone else eating!!

hopefully we can both keep going!!

C x


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It's so hard, I know all I think about is food at the moment. I feel almost obsessed with being on this diet & all I can think about is fooooooooooood!(Demented wail of anguish!!!). I resent my family because they can eat & I can't. I feel so tired & hungry I could cry. All I want to do is is lose about another 1-1.5 stones so I can start to move up the plans. I have my WI this evening and hopefully that will cheer me up bit. All I can say Daisy is what I keep telling myself...I have good times on CD & bad times & I have to hang on in there through the rough & by doing so I will reach a point where I feel better about things. Get back on the wagon & keep going. It sounds like the the only solution which will make you feel better. Finally if necessary what about going up the plans a step so if you were ss the what about 810 etc?

Good Luck !
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i agree with aellon, there are def good and bad and v v v bad times on this diet...

i too could have cried when family ate their roast... in fact i was prob crying on the inside!
i was thinking why am i doing this???

this feeling lasted me all last week and over easter weekend... BUT i am happy to say that Tuesday i woke up and realised WHY i am doing this diet!

i have been feeling mega positive ever since. so in the space of a week i was close to quitting and now feel on top of the world!

get through the storm and get to that rainbow!!! you can do it, just focus on why you are on this diet in the first place!

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