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I have gone way off track


plodding away
Yes I agree with sonya. try and get it under control but if you do have the last fling, dont beat yourself up, start again when you join your class.

Good luck


adores posting
Hi i felt like that a couple of weeks ago when i swapped sw for ww i found i was munching on snacks more and feeling guilty so i just stopped sw altogether and waited till my first ww meeting and started afresh i put on 2lb through doing that though so i suppose it depends on how you feel about the prospect of possibly putting on a few pounds then again you might be lucky and not. good luck with your choice and meeting x:)
Thank you everyone, well somehow I managed to sts so I'm happy with that.

Now this may sound odd but I am fully expecting the meeting scales to weigh more than mine (never met any slimming club scales that didn't) so I am inclined to think don't follow WW to the letter but just be sensible and at least that way it will feel deserved if I am told I weigh more than I thought on Monday. I just feel that pyschologically, if I've been really good this week and then put on simply due to different scales it will demotivate me before I've even begun.

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