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I have got the new soup!

OOh you lucky jammy dodger!!!

No idea what the code is - I'm just gonna ring up Tyrone first thing tomorrow - am prepared for a long wait!! Think they'll be well busy!!!
I email my orders through .... you get a confirmation email back - so you know you are before the 10am deadline! In fact I keep a template email with all the stock on - my credit card and address details etc ... and then just delete the ones I don't want to order. Much easier!
Icemoose mentioned he tried it yesterday and was very complementary. Yummy I think he said!

How good are his tastebuds?

Dizzy x


Queen of the Damned
Anyone gonna make crisps with it? Would like a review of that too please :D
Probably not JJ unless she/he went to Conference.

We can order it from tomorrow - which means it will arrive on Tuesday at the earliest. I'm going to get in a few boxes - as it already appears to sound like it will be a winner!

D_Q I could never do the crisps - so doubt I'd even try them ..... but cheese and broccoli sauce on chicken or fish on AAM or 790 plan sounds nice!
I cant wait to try it lunchtime. Will let you know how I get on with it. It does sound a yummy flavour! :D

Deb x

What time are you having your lunch Deb? It's 3.25pm and we are all waiting for the M&S style description of the Cheese and Broccoli soup!

Get a bloomin' move on will you!!!;) ;)

Dizzy x


Focused & goin for goal!
Gonna have to order that now!! Will call my CDC now!! Yummy - can't wait!
Oooh sorry everyone, I have been out. Lunch was a few hours ago.

New soup was ok :D , you could really smell the broccoli and taste the cheese. Definitely one I will have again. Will make it a bit thicker next time though, I put a bit too much water in it. Next want want it nice and thick so its creamier!!

Hope you all get you all get your hands on one soon. :)

Deb x

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