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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by Flare, 14 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    Well here I am again. I tried step 2 for the second time the back end of last year and got within a cats whisker of my goal weight and then it all went wrong :(

    having coeliac disease makes the diet harder because the shakes really affect my digestion but I have got to find a way to get to my goal weight. I'm thoroughly miserable when i go clothes shopping, i hate getting dressed up and we're going on holiday in 12 weeks and i do not want to dread the bikini. i need all the support I can get !!

    Im starting again on Friday and this time I am going to get to my target

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  3. RWroe

    RWroe Full Member

    Well done for coming back on plan. It's always hard but once you get through those first few days you'll do great, stay focussed and think of that holiday! Lots of luck x
  4. RudaAli

    RudaAli Full Member

    RWroe: your profile picture is so inspiring! vwey well done :)

  5. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    Totally disappointed in myself.....again
    11st :( the only way is down. Today is the start of my 12 week plan to lose the weight and tone the wobbly bits up
  6. Flare

    Flare Full Member

    OMG I have been to the gym and had a session with an instructor to agree a new routine....I have never come home this shade of red before lol!! He's nearly killed me !! :eek::eek:

    Im feeling really motivated today Lets hope I can keep this up

    ive decided to dig out an old photo of when I was in my late 20's and 14st 9lb - to remind me where I used to be and to stop me from falling off the wagon !!

    I have a new bikini for my hols that's my other motivation

    girls......we will succeed :)

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