I have heard it all now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The sleep diet

You can lose up to two stone by hibernating under the duvet!
According to the book, the Hibernation diet, you can lose a pound a day - while you snooze.
The book, by nutrition experts Mike and Stuart McInnes and Maggie Stanfield, claims the body burns more fat asleep than during a heavy aerobic exercise session.
A key ingredient of the diet is a spoonful of honey. It's the food we can most easily convert into glycogen - and this allows the release of hormones that repair the body and burn fat.
Once your body has learned to burn at night, you can introduce 20 minutes of resistance training (eg yoga, Pilates or squats) three times a week to tone up.
Aim for as healthy and as balanced a diet as possible. By spring you could be up to two stone lighter.
The rules

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Eat one or two tablespoons of honey with your breakfast and in the hour before you go to bed.
Drink two litres of water a day.
Don't skip meals - if you go to bed hungry your brain goes into starvation mode and instead of releasing the hormone that breaks down the fat it will go in search of glucose and break down muscle, tissue and bone.
Get a good night's sleep - aim for eight hours a night if you can.
Do 20 minutes three times a week of toning exercises.
Eat healthily - cut down on chips and takeaways and stick to a well-balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable.
Exercise plan
Make the diet more successful by building in some resistance work. The book suggests simple, no-gym exercises to do, or you can use Pilates, yoga, cycling and swimming as alternatives.
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Sleep all the time and lose weight!! :eek: I got loads of sleep in 2006 and doesn;t seem to have worked for me!!! :D


I know someone who's lost weight on this - it does work, although it may have less to do with the honey and more to do with the other principles of the diet: a good night's sleep every night, plenty of water, 6 small meals a day and weight training.


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Heehee. I've done that diet. Along with the millions of others.

Cool diet. Didn't lose anything though. Perhaps as I could never do the 8 hour sleep:eek:

The only difference was that I had cinnamon with the honey, which was stated on the sheet.


if ye lose weight by sleeping....how come were all here???

My sentiments exactly.
& I can sleep for england!
what a load of twaddle