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I have just had the shock of my life!!


Addicted to Cheese
OH has left me so thought I would treat myself to a 7 syn chicken chow mein (average portion 380g), I got home and for first time in 18 months I weighed it and it was just over 700g!!

Now I know an extra 7 syns wouldnt kill me but I never realised it would be so much over when I've be counting 7 for it. Thought this may help new members - weigh your takeaways! x
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I always weigh them out too, it's the only way to know you are consuming the right amount of syns. Usually me & Hubby share a takeaway though as they are quite big portions from ours.
Hope you enjoyed it xxx
This is a very good tip because I always just assumed an average portion is what I had on my plate but like you say it's double what slimming world class as an average portion - thanks for the heads up xx
I'm definitely going to invest in some digi scales :) x


Addicted to Cheese
i got the jug for christmas and its ace cuz you just poor in rice and thats it! lol but if you have a home bargains/b&m bargins they have them for around 6 quid, and they are worth it! how dya know what 28g of cheese it?
where can you get the digital jug i've never heard of them?
My mom got me one from Amazon, I saw it and that it was ace - link on #5 comment.

Glad that I noticed this, and so glad my friend told me. Suppose some portions could be x3 and if you were having a special treat on something higher syn like sweet and sour (my fav!) then double or triple that is alot!!
If you buy a good set of digi scale they will do ml f oz as well as gramms, ilbs. Saves buying two thing as i'm sure you already have jugs at home.
We have salter1035, this was from argus last year.
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See I only actuallyhad one jug and it was a small plastic one, so this one weighs g/oz and then on the side has ml and cups - cups!! so I can do american recipes now too lol

I dont think its worth the 20 quid, it was cheaper than that before christmas so i would say keep an eye out but so far I love that I can weigh rice and cheese in it, and then stock! they are brill x
Yikes, thanks for letting me know. I only started SW for the first time last week and I assumed the portion meant the entire portion from the chinese...
Couldn't agree with you more. Everyone raves on about apparently 'low syn' takeaways but hardly anyone weighs their portions and are probably scoffing more than they know. Also, different cooks use different amounts of oils etc so the syn values are never accurate. Hence why it's important to leave a generous amoutn fo syns if you have a takeaway xx
Agreed Allie!

In fact I'd go as far to say as they are merely a suggestion - I believe none of them are accurate as if you took 10 takeaways serving the same dish, they would all have differing values! - in fact the same place serving the same dish 10 times to different customers would!

They can only ever be a guide and I don't trust them lol.
Thanks for this, something I've never really thought about but having said that I have them if I'm going to the night before or on weigh day and I've always still had good losses


Excited about the new me!
I always count 15 syns for a singapore chow mein with a wee drizzle of OH's sweet and sour sauce. It's interesting to know that the portion sizes differ.. so weighing without the packaging might be the way to go, till you know where you are getting your take away from and exactly where its filled too as well. Food for thought.. but as long as you save a few each day to have that take away then, Id say enjoy it and make it really last.. mmm x
At least with take-aways you can weigh them before you eat, but this is more difficult with a meal out !!!!!!

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