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I have Lapsed only week 2!

Well I feel like rubbish - its only 4 days into my week 2 and I have lapsed today, i know we are not able to mention food so I will say if i was on WW it would be worth about ten points. I have also had a LL porridge today, how do i recover from this what should i do for the rest of the day, im thinking of just sticking to water and missing a soup.
I was so pleased after WI and I have let my feelings ruin things and ruined it!
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...we're sinking deeper.
Umm.. don't miss out packs - this can lead to more trouble in the long run. Just take the new day as that: a new day.
Don't get into a cycle of guilt and punishment... it's not healthy.. lapses happen, if you learn from it, it'll be ok.
Try and forget what happened ....you realised what you did and hopefully have learnt from it.
Those darn voices in our heads are responsible for a lot ;)
Just put it behind you and start afresh - today's a brand new day!
Good luck.
Thank you i have taken your advice, and had a good day yeasterday and all good today. The weekends are always my downfall! Well its WI tomorrow night and time will tell then thanks again x


...we're sinking deeper.
Since you're on the Lite plan - it can be a little bit more tough.
When I feel a binge coming on I obviously try to reason with myself... Most of the time I stop myself, but if I can't : I stick to my vegetable choices only. I have a carrot or two, maybe some salad. I usually stop pretty quickly because no one can truly binge on salad - but it does stop my binge/lapse feeling!
So at least try to stick to what you're allowed from the main menu. I actually wrote down everything + quantities and stuck it on my kitchen wall.
Thanks, Why do u say that its harder on the lite plan- is it cos you are allowed some food.
Im nearly at the end of week 2 and im already going off the soups a bit the smell is turning my stomach!


...we're sinking deeper.
Imagine living on pure shakes for 9 months, then we'll talk about "going off" the shakes, yes? ;)

The shakes, yes they're not very pleasant - but at the end of the day, when we feel bad we take some medicine. Medicine doesn't taste great, but we take it to feel better. The shakes aren't far off - they are a TOOL for us to use to get to where we want. We won't be having them forever, but they are a material we use to take us away from food and assess our relationship with it.
If you weren't having your shake in the morning/afternoon/evening, what would you REALISTICALLY be having when off the diet?

Maybe the problem doesn't apply too much to people who do Lite as a one-off diet (most people in my Lite class have never been obese for example, been slender all their lives). Obviously there are cases in the Lite class where people like me join, who have done a long period of abstinence, and/or have been obese before but use Lite as a tool to curb their eating habits ...
I don't know... Personally I don't find Lite hard. Some people do because they haven't gotten their thinking the right way around, and still feel 'deprived' of the food they can't have... That's all they think about. The CAN'Ts. ... I think about the CANs. I can have everything I want, those other things - yeah they'd be nice someday, but they're not essential.

... long rant... uhhh... I think I had too much aspartame... can you get high off sweetner? I wonder... :/
Thank you that has given me something to think about.
I had WI last night and hve lost 3.5lb this week so pleased


...we're sinking deeper.
Thank you that has given me something to think about.
I had WI last night and hve lost 3.5lb this week so pleased
That's great! See it's worth it to keep going! :D

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