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I have made up my mind for sure!!

Hello to all Atkins peeps,

I thought I should introduce myself properly..... I have been reading this page for a couple of days. I’m on CD at the mo...it has worked for me previously and i lost 15kgs went on holiday gained it all back...

This week I’ve stayed on the CD diet strictly and been noticing some weird events with my teeth that has lead me to explore other diets.... they feel very sensitive and loose... i can literally wobble them :eek:!! But today has been mental cos if i bite my lips i can feel them shift a lil forward.... panicking i called my counsellor and she advised me to stop!! and eat normal food for a while to see if it goes away!!

Cut a long story short:blahblah:.......I want in!! (Atkins that is) so as of 2moro I’m going to start officially!!!

Sorry for the bore just thought i would share it!!!
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thanks guys... ditz blood:eek:, thats crazy, you are right CD doesnt suit everyone.

im glad that i am doing atkins now... ive done it a long time ago but very badly (unhealthy) kebbab n mayonaise 24hours of the day with no vegs and a few eggs here and there. I lost weight but just didnt feel right anyways soon I had to stop as i found out that i was pregnant after about 2-3 weeks... downhill from then really..

Anyways new beginings and all, im up for the hard road and feeling very positive... especially from reading such inspirational life changes from everyones posts xxx
Congratulations on making up your mind to start Atkins! I think you have made a valuable decision, one that you won't regret. Try to get the books, DR ATKINS NEW DIETING REVOLUTION (2002) is the one most people use, but there is a new book coming out at the end of March.

Read the stickies at the top of this page and please come here to ask questions. If any of us can help, we will.
thank you so much for making me feel welcome.... I will take ur advice and buy the books asap...

I was also thinking about what diet sodas we can have??? if any...
im a diet coke addict but ive read that is not allowed:cry:

so the question is What do you all drink on atkins??
Snap stoshy,

I too have just been doing Cambridge (only 4 days in my case) but it gives me migraines. I've had 2 today and had 2 last time I tried cd so have worked out that maybe i should'nt do it.

I'm starting Atkins Monday 1st. I noticed we're the same height and practically the same weight so might be good to compare and share ideas etc? Good luck to you, Atkins is such a fab way of eating.
hey wooxy,,, your right we do have similar stats and ur going to start 2 moro only 1 day behind me!! thats great we can both learn together from the other pros on this site n share ideas as we go!!

Best of luck for your Big start 2moro xxx
Hi Stoshy and welcome, I think you can drink Coke Zero OK
That's what we are all here for stoshy :)

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