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I have no instructions - please help

I've been waiting almost a month for my GP to get me set up onto LT. I finally picked up my meal packs tonight, with some (but presumably not all) paperwork. There are no mixing instructions. There is also mention on one of the sheets about bars, but I was only offered 3x shakes & 1x soup when I spoke to LT on the phone. Do I have to wait until I've lost 6 stone first, or what?
Any advise appreciated.
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Hi, You should have recieved your meal packs in a lipotrim carrier bag, which has all of the mixing instructions printed on one side. You will need 21 packs per week (3 per day) and you mix them using 240mls of water or more if you prefer. You need to drink your 'meals' within 15 minutes of mixing them as the nutrients deteriorate. The bars are either flapjacks (you cannot have these until week 3, I think) or maintainence bars, which you have when you have reached your goal and go onto refeed.
You also need to drink 2-4.5 litres of water per day, but gradually.
I think I have mentioned everything???

Good Luck

Clair x
yep what i do is, put 6 ice cubes and 250ml water, a tablet sweetner, some fibreclear, and the shake, with or without half a spoonful of coffee into the blender, whizzed for a minute..and voila.... SCRUMPTIOUS x
You shouldn't add anything to the water either, no robinsons or anything like that. You can have black tea or coffee, no fruit teas though.
Thank you, that really helps because I actually did not get the carrier bag, I got a box. Maybe the Dr. used my bag as one of his 're-use' bags in the supermarket to get the points?
It all sound pretty much the same as CD but with less flavour choice. Having said that I tended to use more of the strawberry, vanilla and banana than anything else on that. I shall miss the banana. I hope the chocolate one isn't as horrible as the CD one is! :eek:
The chocolate shake is probably the best to be honest. Until around 6 weeks ago, I would buy 7 of each flavour, but I now have 21 chocolate. Some people add coffee or peppermint tea, but I haven't tried it

Clair x
I get choc and vanilla, make the choc with mint tea and coffee with the vanilla - I make them both hot and use a pint of water. I quite look forward to having them too!
If you put coffee in the chocolate one, do you get a mocha type thing, or 'yuk', or just ruin a chocolate one?

Also are they ok about small quantities? I didn't get any soups, but maybe I could try a couple, wouldn't want a whole weeks worth though. How is the soup?
I can't stand the soup i felt like i should try it though, very very salty. If they're very hot they taste abit like mushroom cuppa soup i think.
I put a good tablespoon of coffee in the choc shake, I have it hot or cold, it's yummy. Last night I tried peppermint tea with choc shake and that was lovely too.

I must be one of the few who really likes the chicken soup. I look forward to my soup every day!
Nah, i like the soup too. It's nice to have something hot in the winter :)
Hi there i make my shakes up with about 400ml of water??? tend to stick to vanilla as i find these sweeter i do have choc one but never on their own yuk!! i make a 300 ml peppermint tea with 3 tablet sweetners and let it stew. then i use this to make a choc shake it is lush this way. i tried the soup for 2 weeks and tried to convince myself i liked it but i just didn't so now stick to the shakes. haven't tried the bars. the key is to drink as much water as you can!! i also enjoy a cup of green tea with sweetners helps keep you warm.... i'd also like to know how you got your GP to prescribe you LT??? that would be good but i don't think most GP's prescribe it maybe because we would be spending the money on food anyway???? good luck :)
Sorry to take all day to get back - very ill husband.
I asked the GP, he hadn't heard of it (which I expected so I'd taken the freephone number off their website) explained that he had to ring them to get an information pack sent to him and I said something like 'I think they do it that way to stop the anorexics from buying it' He said he'd never prescribed it before and I said 'you don't actually prescribe it because I pay for it, you just say I'm fat enough to have it, and it's better on your budget' All said with a silly grin, but he agreed. He was about a month getting it sorted though, but he was impressed with the stuff they sent him. I'd started on CD - sick of waiting - so I'd already lost a stone by the time I went to get my packs. He's well impressed now. I don't know if the GP is any cheaper than the chemist though. I pay £32 for a week. Will I pay more if/when I add bars? You do on CD, and the drinks mixer is £7 a pot.
hey kentucky bird.. i dont think theres any extra price for the bars... and im not talking from personal experience but ive heard the bars are awful..im not telling you to not have them but approach with caution lol.. id say if anything the chemist is either the same or more expensive as your paying for their time and the lipotrim or something.
sorry to hear about your husband, hope he is on the mend..

soontobeyummymummy...i think you just ask your gp... i think that chemists know more about it tbh but if you do what kentuckbird did im sure your gp will get it in for you.. it helps to have support from people at the chemist who know what theyre on about though..
best of luck x

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