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I have sinned :(

Hi all, i've been away stuffing myself and am not proud :cry: , i've put back on about 3.5 stone over the last few months and have kicked myself in the ass big time and am happy to say i'm restarting on Tuesday (1st November)
Sorry haven't been on this feck all in the last few months but am back now and hope you can all forgive me :break_diet:

Onwards and "downwards" i say i have my weighin tomorrow so il know the full extent of the damage then
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I am a newbie here, joined earlier in the week :)
Im on day 6 of LT, this is the first day I've felt normal! Best of luck with starting on Tues :)
Hi Lauriel and welcome, your journey will be over before you know it. I was on it for 5.5 months the last time and it flew in, first week is the toughest so congrats it will get alot easier from here for you :)


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ahhhhh tell me about it! :( I felt rotten on days 1-4, I kept wondering if it was worth it. Im just going to take it week by week, I had my first weigh in today and it spurred me on for another week :)


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Welcome back I was just starting as you were leaving last time, will be nice to see you about these boards again


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Hi Chuck, I'm gonna go back on LT as from Monday as well, gained about a stone which I want to lose. As soon as that's off, I'm back on Dukan. Good luck and great to see you again as I was wondering how you were doing. You've done it before, so you know you CAN do it! xxx
thanks for the comments all :)
@ Mirjam: good luck to you too on yours x , at least this time ive only about 60lb to lose unlike the 160 from last time lol :)


Never Ever Give Up!
It's only 14lbs for me this time Chuck, even though I wish my pharmacist would let me continue till I reach my bmi of 22 instead of 25. Oh well, Dukan's great too, but I found that I started drinking alcohol again and eating unhealthy things as well. Might even consider getting hypnotised so that I won't eat anything bad anymore lol x
Good luck chuck i came off this diet a few months ago but im going to start again in the new year i havent gained anything so hopefully i can get through xmas unscathed lol then back on the wagon hope you are well and you can defo do it ;)


Never Ever Give Up!
How's it going Chuck, did you manage to get through your first week ok? I've just had my first shake and so far, so good :) x
sure did Mirjam, had my 1st weighin on Sunday (5 days in) and was 13 lb down, i'm quite happy with that........ on with week 2 now :D ... how are you getting on


Sensibly losing :)
Hiya Chuck,
I remember you from last time - your profile pic is WAY different from your last! Good on you for coming back too and getting thru a fabulous first week! Thats a big dent in what you want to lose !!
I am toying with the idea of coming back.. well, I say toying, I WANT and NEED to come back but cant find the mojo! I have a cupboard full of LT and a whole book of excuses and reasons both for and against.. I need to bite the bullet n get it done but something always stops me!! Myself of course!!! Was gonna begin yesterday but then atarted wondering if I should wait until after xmas... hmm i dunno!! I had to come off due to 2 operations and since then I have found it impossible to get back on and stay there!! Get so cross with myself!! I am nearly a stone up on what I was before too!! Pure stupidity! Trouble is that my eating is the WORST its been ever!!! Since I came off tfr stuff I have more food issues than ever! I sorted myself out before this diet and had lost about 8 stone being careful.. all of thats gone outta the window now! What the hell is wrong with me?? LOL!!
May see you back here if I can pull my head outta my backside ;) LOL!


Never Ever Give Up!
It's day 3 for me today and the scales show a 7lbs loss so that's good but had to have some sliced chicken yesterday when I came home as my stomach was so sore from not eating.... still not in ketosis but hopefully tomorrow. Well done on your loss, almost 1 stone down already! :D x


On a mission!
Hiya Chuck, well done on your massive re-start loss!! Such an incentive to stay on track! I'm re-starting after a three week blow-out and far too many bad choices. :sigh:
Had quite a few false starts this week as I was intending to re-start on Sunday. It's hard to get back in "the zone" but think I've cracked it now. Onwards and inwards eh! Keep it up, you've achieved so much and you're heading in the right direction hell-for-leather again!

x S

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