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I have succeeded!


...we're sinking deeper.
I finally have reached my original target of 10 stone on the dot! For some strange reason I made an unrealistic judgement when restarting Lite this February that I should go to 9st 7 - which I see is unattainable for me! My body at 10st is telling me to stop (and has been for the last 7 weeks or so!). I have lost weight in all the wrong places (I now possess NO breasts what-so-ever LOL!). I have been pushing through lethargy and mental exhaustion just for the sake of weight loss. But I pushed through and I can proudly say, that I did this. I have FINISHED. I have achieved what I wanted and will not have this hanging over my head (like I did last time when I finished abstinence early). When I finished early last time, I could never rest, I couldn't be happy because I never got the sense of completion.

Well, enough. I know my limits and this is when I stop. For completeness sake I have reached the numerical satisfaction factor for my brain never scream at me again. I have finally finished my journey of Lighter Life, and I choose to embrace a better, healthier life. I am in control of my actions, there is no one else to blame but me if it goes wrong. Not stress, not sadness, not happiness, not boredom, not 'someone else made me do it'. Just me.

Wish me luck, on my RTM when I start, either next week or the week after.

Wow. I haven't felt this sense of achievement for such a very long time.

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Congrats Minerva!!! So pleased for you! Funny, was wondering earlier this evening where you were, hadn't seen you for a few days!
Really pleased for you - and can totally empathise with the boob situation, I'm only half way through and I'm down to a B cup - I can't bear to think what will (not) be left at the end!! :confused: :D
Ah well - at least we won't have to worry about them going south in later life ;) xx


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HUGE congrats Minerva! Had a look at your photo album the other day and you sure have had an amazing journey. You look great now and I'm so glad you are feeling fab. Good luck with RTM xxx


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HUUUUGE Hugs Min!!! What a great feeling that must be for you!!

Good luck on the RTM and everything that goes after!!
well done!!!
good luck with rtm when you start
daisy x
Absolutely brilliant! Well done and good luck in RTM. xx


plodding away
Wow, what a fantastic result. Was thinking about starting LL mainly for the added counselling but if I could get results like yours I would be a happy bod. Well done, you must feel as great as you look.


...we're sinking deeper.
Thank you ever so much guys!! :D

You know what though? I felt elated, I felt so happy!! (and I still do) I feel finished, for about an hour I didn't know what to do with myself, I had to cook dinner and thoughts of RTM swirling in my head. The thought of "extras".. LOL.
But, I didn't feel the need and didn't actually want to "treat" myself with any extra food, in fact I left quite a large chunk on my plate and threw it away. I think my treat today was to have the discipline, the AWESOME feeling of happiness of my success not just with the weight loss, but also just the success of being in control.
Tomorrow I get to buy some comfy skater shoes as my treat (the ones I've had for 3 years are waaaayyy too loose)!! :D :D :D And maybe a t-shirt, ahhhh I do love shopping now.. I used to hate it.

So chuffed for you - you have lost a huge amount of weight and must feel like a new person. A new person (not just physically) but more importantly emotionally. You are back in control and that is brilliant. I know the control aspect will be the biggest battle for me when I go back to "proper eating" and you seem in a really good place with it all.

Good luck and be really proud.


...we're sinking deeper.
I know the control aspect will be the biggest battle for me when I go back to "proper eating" and you seem in a really good place with it all.
First of all thanky. :D

And second of all, may I suggest, using other words for the same thing? :)
For example: instead of using "battle" use "interesting challenge" in all references, every time you speak of 'eating' again. This would in the long term describe it as a positive step, rather than a negative one, one which would be a struggle. The word *battle* really does seem to be very negative!
If you use more positive references, in theory, your brain will not think of your next hurdles as huge mountains... but as little hills which can easily be strolled over on a warm summer's day.



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Love it, love it. love it.

Well done Min, brilliant to reach Goal, and so happy for you - I also know exactly how you feel as I felt like a huge weight had been lifted when I made the final decision to move to RTM, I think the Foundation stage is so intense it's easy to be seduced into staying with it for longer and longer....

Also really love your PMA (positive Mental Attitude) - shines through and great advice above ^^^.
Always try & be conscious about internalising and externalising more positive emotions, can do no harm.

See you in RTM soon


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Your posts always make so much sense Min - love the bit about feeling elated and going clothes shopping. You deserve every bit of happiness! And that means lots of shoes and clothes! xx