I have to Confess


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I have been on CD for 11 days and just (well earlier today) gave in to some Tesco "finest" cashews, macadamias and pecan nuts "infused" with rosematry and thyme (why have they put out there Christmas stock already??:mad: )

Now I feel GUILTY, a failure, and worst of all BLOATED - don't know why I did it as I wasn't even hungry. I also now have a headache.

Now I feel REALLY bad almost in tears:(

I know I will get back on track, but I hope it does not affect my weight loss (too much)

I just had to get it off my chest - thanks for reading:eek:
Ahhhhhhhhh Patsy
Dont worry just STOP NOW!!!!
DRINK LOADS OF WATER TO FLUSH IT ALL AWAY THEN ASK WHAT MADE YOU DO IT AND DONT DO IT AGAIN.If you beat yourself up over it it will make you think Ive done the damage I may as well keep eating !DONT! the damage wont show if you get back on that SSING OK?

Don't fret - so you ate something - not ideal but it's happened - beating yourself up about it isn't going to help you feel good about yourself and it's when your self esteem is lowered that you are likely to console yourself with food.

Think about what you can do to limit your exposure to available foods (shop online for example - I have to, Tesco's is like Aladdin's cave to me and I lose all sense of reason/willpower/resolve etc) and concentrate on why you want to lose weight - to be healthy - you're not feeling that right now are you?

Chin up chuck - drink loads of water and look forwards, not back.