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I have to go to a meeting

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Hi everyone all well done for all of you who have posted this week with their losses. It's motivating to see other people achieve good losses on ww plan. Me on the other hand need a good kick up the backside. My plan was to weigh myself on Monday afternoons and do the plan myself, and i start of really well, util i get towards the end of the week, then that's it i pop next door to subway during my lunch break (when i know full well i haven't got the points to spare), and then i have the attitude of i've blown it now, and down the slippery slop i go. Anyway, after having a chat with a collegue who has down reall well on the ww plan, i have decided i need to go to a meeting just to get that extra support (as well as you wonderful people, who have been great). Anyway my first meeting is tommorrow at 6.30 pm. I shall report back.
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I sound the same as you have tried so many times to go it alone, but this is my first week on ww got my first weigh in on tuesday! and to be honest its what has kept me going knowing its someone else going to weigh me? if you know what i mean, plus this lovely place as well!!

Good luck, let us know how it goes x


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good luck, i must be strange cos i always do better on my own....maybe its less pressure for me.


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Goodluck for you meeting tomorrow amd good luck with the rest of your journey!
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well done on realising what it is you need to do to stay on track and then doing it.

different strokes for different folks right enough.

good luck Kate.
yeah, your right some meetings suit some and some don't. I'll see how it goes, i might jyst go for a little while until i feel i can do it on my own.

Thanks for all your encouragement everyone
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Hi Kate
like you I do quite well on my own plus it save a lot of time. However I have also decided to go to meetings for a while at least. I think it's good to get up-to-date literature and meal ideas - sometimes we just need to fine tune our points calculations to maximise weight loss. If we're lucky the leader and the group will be another bonus.
I'm starting on Tues.
Best of luck with your 1st meeting
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I started in November and went to meetings for a couple of months as I know I needed the help to get started and to learn the right way to go about it. Now, I'm trying to do it alone and here, of course! I don't know what it costs in England but I live in France and it's 38 euros a month which is too expensive.So, try alond I must!
Good luck - take all they've got to offer you in terms of recipe books (very good here!) etc to make your life easier once you're winging it. GOOD LUCK
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I know when i posted last week, i was determined to go to a meeting but i didn't cause i gave myself another chance to go it alone and i think i have done really well. I have stuck to my point religiously walked to and from work everyday (4 miles in total) and i don't feel deprived.

I love the ww plan. On Friday at work my collegue bought me a mcDanalds apple pie, my first thoughts were, oh no i'm on a diet but i don't want to be rude and turn it down plus it smelt sooo nice. Anyway, i got out my eating out guide and saw it was four points and hey! all i had to do was replace my pie with what i was going to have for supper (ww cake and options hot chocolate and walkers fries).

Also i was at the doctors this week and the nurse weighed me, i had lost weight (even though my official weigh in is on Tuesday morning) I was so pleased. When i told her i was doing ww, she seemed pleased and told me that a friend of hers lost 8 stone on the plan and kept it off.

Anyway, I'll let you all know how i do on Tuesday when i weigh in.
I love my Eating Out Guide. I have one in the house and one in my locker at work. I find if I fancy a McDonalds, or Subway knowing I can have something low points and stick to my diet totally takes away any likliehood of going mad. That bacon double cheeseburger doesnt half lose its appeal when I see how many points it is.

By all means enjoy your Subway sandwich, just take your Eating Out Guide when youre deciding what one to have ;)
S: 17st6lb C: 17st6lb G: 9st6lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well done Kate for getting yourself back on track and losing some weight. I always think the docs weigh you heavier anyhow ;)
I remember someone else telling me that when they were on the Slimming World plan. She said at the doctors surgery there was a huge difference in weight from what she usually was at weigh in. She felt disheartened unitl she weighed in at her club the following week lol.

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