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I have to go to the dr to get a note? :(


Slimming for my children
I went to join today and was 17.7 with a BMI of 42.5 so have to go and get a drs note. I have it booked for 9.10 on monday and was hoping to start it on monday so am going to go straight to her house after and not eat anything before hand!

Bit upset really as i am scared dr wont sign it!
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I had to get my doctor to sign a form too hon. He was only happy to sign the form on the understanding that I checked back in with him every six to eight weeks. A good thing I think, shows he cares at least. So don't worry and good luck with your journey on CD xx


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I was lucky my CDC gave me my shakes prior to my doctors visit my doctor wasnt thrilled at my diet choice, to i forced a little cry out that seemed to do the job - form signed. Good luck, you would think a doctor would be over the moon that you are doing something about your weight, im sure they will sign dont worry

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lol at the crying to get the form signed! my sister had to resort to that to get physio for her back once! :rolleyes:

hope your dr is ok about it.. are you able to nip down to discuss it before hand? or phone your gp? I'm a smaller practice than i used to be, so know it's not always possible.

If your gp doesn't give the go ahead, what is the cut off for when you don't need consent to go onto SS+? I'm just wondering if having a back up plan will help - so you don't feel helpless IF the worst happens - I did slim fast for week before I saw my CDC - as she was too busy to fit me in. I lost 6lb in that week.. as a short term measure (I say this as I couldn't stick to it for months I don't think - without the ketosis kick), it may well work IF you needed it. ((hugs)) I hope you won't.

Either that or plead with your GP for a higher plan permission like 810.. would still lose quicker than on slimfast. :)
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Hey, don't worry you can always do ss+ for the first two weeks and then your BMI will probably be below 40 and you don't need to get him to sign it. Having said that, mine signed with no problems.

All the best

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Just a thought....you do know that you are not asking for permission....you are just informing them....and also if you on medication to ensure that there are no complications....


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yes all its doing is informing the doc cos your bmi is over 40....thats all..... anyone on ss or bmi over 40 has to have that done, i think even to do ss+.....if the doc won't sign it there and then start on the 1000 cal plan....


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My husbands BMI was 42 and the CDC would not let him go on SS for the first week, even with the form signed by the doc. He went on the 1200cal for a week and at his first weeks weigh in his BMI was below 40, so now he can start SS! He has a hard time getting the doctor to sign his form, but as he explained to the doc, he wasn't asking them to agree to this particular diet he was asking them to agree his blood pressure etc was o.k and he was fit enough to do a VLCD.
Be forceful and remember this is for you!


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I do SS+ and still had to get my Dr to sign with a BMI of over 40, my Dr signed no problems and just asked for me to have my bloods done after 2wks of being on the diet to make sure things were still ok with my meds and then to have a telephone consult with him a week after that to get the results see how things were going etc, I'm sure you'll be fine :)

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