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I have ...


Slimming down the aisle
While I'm not 100% sure I think you might have... I'm not sure you're meant to have Coke Zero! I know there's the whole debate about it. I personally am going to just try and steer clear I think!
fYep I heard that coke zero is a no no too....


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Is there citric acid in it? That can interfere with ketosis...
No, there's no citric acid, it's ph..something acid instead lol.

I'm tempted to try a can maybe next week, but even if it doesn't kick me out of ketosis I'm not gunna go overboard with it. Water does the job fine for me!


Slimming down the aisle
I can't remember exactly why but it is still meant to be a no. Apparently it can set off cravings too. It's a bit of a grey area but I think it's not recommended.


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I think they do suggest to stay off the diet cokes and coke zero.. I cant imagine it will cause any major damage.. but next time I would suggest maybe keeping of it .. x


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Diet coke contains citric acid which knocks you out of ketosis. Coke Zero contains Malic acid which shouldn't knock you out of ketosis, but can cause craving to fire up in some people. By CD guidelines it isn't allowed, but like sugar free chewing gum, it can be a real life saver when you need a change. Personally, I drink the odd can of Coke Zero and it causes me no problems. In moderation, I see no problem, just make sure you drink it on top of your 2.25 litre water allowance, and not count it toward.


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you can have coke zero but it may make u more hungry and thats why were told to steer clear but a glass here and there wont affect u in terms of weightloss xx


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I've had the odd Coke Zero...and I admit it did make me feel hungry, whereas usually I don't feel any pangs at. Must be something to do with all the wee bubbles floating about in your belly.
Its Phosphoric Acid in Coke Zero and Dr Pepper zero (in the UK). Maybe its Mal...something in another county. I have some everyday (500mls), but I have my own theories on drinking or not drinking it, have only been on it a week will see if my weighloss slows, but I keep checking and im in Ketosis. Each to their own I suppose.

Im really tempted to ring head office and ask if there is any research backing this advice. x