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I hope the first week really is the hardest


Slimming for my children
as i dont know how you lot cope.
Your all inspirational and my diet has been hell. Although i have been in some tricky situations AND.... stuck to it.

I started the diet on Saturday. First milkshake was banana as i had heard that was one of the nicest and yep it was. REALLY NICE.
Stupidly decided to go into london and go to St Pauls Cathedral. The Cathedral was lovely but i was constantly needing to find a toilet.
Then we walked along the Victoria Embankement, I had a Chocolate milkshake which wasnt great as i had only the shaker and it had loads of ikky bits in it, but i perservered.
I managed to Get a stonking headache whilst trying not to whinge too much lol. I really did enjoy the day. There were alot of street artists which were really interesting, but we finally gave up and went home when i got to the stage where i was so tired io couldnt walk anymore. I fell asleep on the train home. I lost count the amount of times i wanted to give in, especially when we came home and my partner put on his food. I didnt even like what he was eating but MAN did it smell good!

Day 2 wasnt too bad as we stayed in and watched dvds. I think the majority of the day my stomach was in pain through hunger and there were times when my partner was eating sweets when i could have wrestled him to the ground for them.

Dont get me wrong he is SOooooooooooo supportive. Hes even paying for the LL meetings, he doesnt think i need to loose weight but he said hes fed up with me feeling pants about myself so will help as much as he can. I have also told him to live a normal life ie. eat what he wants and when and then i will get used to normal life quicker.

Today was day 3. It was hard. We went to the Hampton court Country Affair show and i dont know if anyone knows those but they are full of gorgeous foods from around the world. The smells, oh my god. normally when we go to the ideal home show i spend the majority of the time "sampleing" the food but i didnt touch a crumb. I was proud of myself but still cant get the grumbling feeling out of my bellly.

Tried the poppadoms and really dont know how they are supposed to go crispy i mixed the soup in a thick paste and put it flat on a plate and it just ended up gloopy and i could only move it round the plate and not even pick it up. I havent even managed to wash it yet as the smell is overbearing.

So I am struggling but perservering.

Does it get easier?
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To answer your question YES!!! The first week is hell but after you get into Ketosis you are fine and the hunger stops (well the physical hunger).

You have done so well to go out and do all that and not give in to temptation! WELL DONE!! :clap::party0011:

On the poppadom front.... Try using microwave proof cling film over the plate then put your poppadom on top. I microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds first then keep going at 30 second bursts until it is brown and crispy. I also make the crisps in the same way.

Hope that Helps



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Yep, it gets easier so hang on in there! Think you've made your first week a bit tougher by surrounding yourself by food! Of course you are right though, to get on with life as normal though and not put life on hold just cos you're dieting.

The popadoms take practice, I remember the first one I made stuck fast to the greaseproof paper I had rather fooloshly cooked it on. Didn't throw it away though....miss out on a pack??? No way!! Kept me busy for ages picking it off crumb by crumb! I have perfected the method now, I got a Teflon microwave baking sheet from Morrisons and I put small blob all over it to make crisps. I have made popadoms but I still tend to burn them in the centre. There's a thread somwhere with clearer instructions on, I'll just try to find it for you.

Keep strong and keep drinking the water, it'll be worth it when you weigh in.
Hi FNM. Yes, it really does get easier after the first week. Fear not! Week 1 is notoriously hard, but once you're 'over your wall' it gets easier. And well done for not sampling the County Fair food - if you can stay abstinent for the whole time, it'll make your journey much easier (from what I hear. I haven't lapsed yet - I've just started week 11) but I've read threads from other minimins who say it gets much harder if you lapse). Stay strong and you'll reap the benefits.

Also, I find that the strawberry and banana shakes are the best ones if you're out and about as they don't form lumps. The banana one is also yummy if you make it with hot water (tastes like banana custard - lovely!). I did read on the forum that the vanilla milkshake is now also being made by the same manufacturer as the banana and strawberry shakes, so it shouldnt lump either. But I havent yet tried it, so don't know for sure.

I haven't made the popadum so I can't comment on the gloop, but I make the thai chilli or chicken soup into a thick paste, and put about a teaspoon of the paste onto greaseproof paper (all in all you get about 12-14 teaspoons worth from a pack) and put in the microwave for approx 45 secs - just until it starts to turn 'golden'. I guess this would be like 12 or 14 little mini popadums. Having said this, our LLC advised us not to cook the packs in week 1 - she said to just get used to getting the packs down you. And don't forget you shouldnt 'cook' more than 1 pack a day.

Anyhow, well done on what sounds like a great beginning to week 1. Good luck with the rest of the week. Let us know how you get on.
PS - Cheb is right. I have sometimes overcooked my 'biscuits' and they've ended up sticking to the greaseproof paper. I didn't know about microwave baking sheets - I'll definitely be using them from now on. Thanks Cheb!


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S: 17st4lb C: 15st1lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 2st3lb(12.81%)
PS - Cheb is right. I have sometimes overcooked my 'biscuits' and they've ended up sticking to the greaseproof paper. I didn't know about microwave baking sheets - I'll definitely be using them from now on. Thanks Cheb!
The sheet costs about £2 and is just a floppy bit of black plastic (well it obviously isn't but that's what it looks like!) anyhow it's washable, I've had mine about a year already and it hasn't lost any of its non stick.
Dear FNM

"So I am struggling but perservering" I would say you can go all the way!!!! Well done for NOT giving into temptation and boy, you were being tempted.

Totally agree with all of the above - key essentials are a hand blender, a hand-held whisk for when you are out and about - the LL shaker really doesn't do it and then when you have bars, you can be a bit more flexible.

The teflon sheet is a godsend if you have a microwave.

Good luck with LighterLife!

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx
I seem to go against what everyone here says I am afraid. I found the first week far easier than things are now. In fact for me it has gotten progressively more difficult. Stick with it though


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I think physically Week 1 is the hardest as you are going through the most dramatic physiological changes in that week - once Week 1 is over nothing changes apart from your size and your head!

It gets easier and it gets harder which is something almost every LLer says - abstinence becomes something you are skilled at at about week 5 - you can do it without thinking and start to relax a little round about that point - and it's from that point that you start working on your reasons for eating in the past - this can cause some inner rebellions and make the middle weeks of the 100 days a little tricky. The closer yu get to goal the harder it gets, my advice would to keep notes of how you feel now and what gets you through the hard times and then refer back to your notes from the hard weeks at the beginning when you hit the hard weeks closer to the end as we do have a habit of getting a bit blase about our achievements and how hard we pushed ourselves on our journey.

It is hard - but I think one of the DVD ladies says that it's both the hardest and the easiest 'diet' she's ever done. And I think that's very true.


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you are doing great, you will be rewarded at your weigh in, and as everybody has said, it does get so much easier after the 1st week xx
If you've stuck to it for a couple of weeks, it should get easier. But if you give in to temptation, it does get harder because the mind starts to play tricks on you.

You didn't make life easy for yourself! I definitely stayed in the first few days.

My top tips for going out would be to only take the banana, strawberry or new vanilla to make up with the shaker. I find the older flavours do tend to be lumpy unless you have a power blender (which is difficult to take out!).

And, if you didn't mind the flavours, you're halfway there. I am amazed by how many people complain about the foodpacks. If I felt that way about them, I wouldn't have been able to keep on with it. Strange person that I am - I actually like the ones I have settled with (there are a couple of shake flavours and a bar that I just never buy now).

Anyway - good luck!;)
it definitely gets easier, infact now i almost force my H to eat so i can smell the food lol
I only actually like 3 shakes and 1 soup but am happy to keep going with those. I tend to take strawberry with me when i go out as its easier to mix, i also make it into more of a mousse by putting in less water then eating it with a spoon. Feels like im eating rather than just drinking.
Im useless as making the popadoms/crisps but will attempt it every now and again

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