I joined ww but .....................


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Hi all

I did sw for one week , but really struggled with things like bread, gravys chocolate etc, so thought i would join ww as i liked the idea of eating what i like as long as i count it, but omg im soo hungry and im on 41 pp which is quite high !.

I just dont know what to do, im in a dilema !

I also really struggled with lunches on sw, like when im at someone else house ?

Any hints or tips or advise would be welcome c
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Its really doesnt matter which you follow as both plans work and are hugely flexible. You just need to make them fit into your life, plan and youll be fine :eek:)


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I have tried WW's and found i was hungry quite a lot of the time, but i think that was because i didnt really fill up on filling foods. I dont know what the PP plan is like, WW's was good as i liked to snack on things and count them as points as i do eat inbetween meals etc.

It's all about planning as mentioned above, finding filling foods and so on. Maybe speak to your ww consultant if you are a member or perhaps pop onto the ww forum website for some help/idea's on filling foods and snacks?

HTH's you. :) & good luck.


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If youre hungry and youre on 41 points then youre not using them properly. Why not look again at what youre eating on WW, start a food diary or look around other peoples. Youre on a lot more points than a lot of people (hmmm that wasnt meant to sound the way it did but you know what I mean) and should have loads to eat. Youve also got your 49 weekly points.

It might be an idea to try SW for say 2 weeks and WW for 2 weeks, and get a good idea of what the pros and cons are for each, and what your losses are like and then make a decision for which one to go for

As Chicaloca says theyre both brilliant diets and very successful but one diet doesnt suit everyone its just a case of what suits YOU best.

Good luck with what you decide

Just a thought but this thread might actually be better in the WW forum and people can advise you on how to use your points to maximum effect :)


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Both plans work, and they both work well if you get into them and choose the right foods, and what works for you. The plans DO NOT work together though, so trying to do them both just will not work. You need to decide what it is you want out of a diet, how is going to be best for you to plan and work around, and what allows you to eat the foods you're more comfortable with.

Have a look in the recipe and food diary sub forums, both on here and WW, and see how they compare for you.

I believe the key to SW (and probably any diet really), is to take time to plan. It doesn't take long, but knowing what you're allowed to eat, how many syns you might need later in the day, what shopping you might need to do etc, really does make it all so much simpler.