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I jumped off the wagon...

... and I'm super p*ssed off about it!!

We took the kids out for the day which involved driving for an hour to get on a special steam train which would take us to the beach. As per usual we were late leaving. I completely forgot to pick up a bar and my "crisps". I hadn't had anything all morning because I was busting my a$$ trying to finish a cake I was making. We were out from 11am til 8:30pm so of course I had to eat something. I managed until 4:30 but I started feeling really sick and really faint so I ended up jumping off the wagon for the sake of making it home in one piece.

The killer was that between the train and the tiny town we ended up in, NO WHERE sold anything that was remotely healthy so I ended up choosing things with the least calories.

By some miracle, since I've been home I've not touched anything else (not even my packs), and I fully intend to jump straight back on the wagon again.

The only thing getting in my way now is the family mother's day picnic. I'm going to take my crisps and remind myself of all the reasons I absolutely MUST do this this time.
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Just put today behind you. Move forward and remind yourself that you are on the path to being a yummy mummy and those dresses and leggings :)
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Well it's understandable that you had to have something in those circumstances.{{{hugs}}}Just put it behind you and perhaps carry a pack in your handbag just in case.


I can do this.
don't worry.. just jump right back on.


Laugh, love, live!
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It happens to the best of us, I succomed to cheese on toast the other day but with the help and support of this group I have managed to get back on track. You can do it hon, don't beat yourself up about it, we're only human not wonder woman (for now lol) xx
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What's done is done, like the others have said just get straight back on the shakes and forget about it. At least you ate because you forgot your shakes and not because you wanted to eat - there is a difference!
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I jumped off the wagon yesterday too very badly. It was a family wedding so I had a few drinkies, ate a big meal (although I couldn't finish it) and they had a sweet shop so sucumbed to a few curly wurly's and disko disks. Back on the diet today though hopefully won't have done too much damage (fingers crossed).

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