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I just re-did my details...


A little of everything!
to include my start date, my weights (current & target) and saw I have 48lbs to lose to get to 9 1/2 stone!! 48lbs- that seems soooooo much?!?! My pharmacist reckons 10stone would be okay for me, but I want to get below that so I have a 1/2 stone 'lee-way' if that makes sense? (for holidays, parties, weddings etc?)
I'm hoping that LT's 'promise' of a stone a month is true! LOL!

I start on Friday and can't wait. The only thing worrying me is I have an Aunt who is terminally ill and moving to a hospice today, so I may have her wake/funeral to deal with in the middle of all this, but then again theres always something isn't there?...:sigh:
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Here we go again!
Good luck with your restart. Sorry to hear about your Aunt. I had a funeral to go through several weeks ago and it was fine not eating. You don't have to just cos the food is there. I had black coffees and and nobody noticed anyway.

You should get your 48lbs in 4 months. Just stick to it and the time will fly by. Can't believe I'm in week 11 already. Good luck!


A little of everything!
Hi Bev. The trouble with an Irish wake (like any Irish event I guess! LOL!) is the alcohol intake! Here the wake is for 3 days before the funeral, but I should be okay if I assign myself designated driver & keep busy doling out tea & sandwiches! There'll be a meal/buffet for after the funeral, but again- I should manage that? I feel awful- she hasn't died yet & I'm planning what I'll do! :eek:
Its my first time trying LT- but I'm only going to be on it for 3 full weeks before I re-feed for a family wedding, then it'll be straight back on it the next day until the weight is gone! The pharmacist says I should still lose a little on re-feed week so I hope to have a stone off for the wedding, but I'll see how I get on?.... (Still wondering if it'll work for me!):fingerscrossed:


A little of everything!
You're not silly! Nope- 14lbs is a stone. I'd hope to have more than 1 lb off in 4wks! LOL!


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Hi Hunni, 48lbs is a fab goal, and you will be surprised how quickly you get there!!

the funeral will be an issue, but only if you let it, you dont need food to comfort you, and hopefully that will be a longgg way off anyhow.. and you will be more than strong enough to cope..


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Yep i agree with lauren. Hopefully the funeral will be a loooong way off but if it happens to be sooner, dont let it get in the way of your LT. It will be a good test for you.

Good luck chicken xx


A little of everything!
Thanks everyone! I'm hoping it'll be a long way off, but its fairly advanced so mightn't be? She was only diagnosed after falling ill on holiday at Christmas. She spent 5wks in hospital there before she was fit to fly home to hospital here. She hasn't been 'home' since December! She's deteriorating quite rapidly, but I hate to think of her not being here iykwim? She's only 54.
But, as I said, theres always 'something' that will test us during our time on LT. Please God I'll have the worst of it over me (weight wise!) if anything does happen?
Thanks again everyone- I really can't wait to start, and no doubt I 'll have loads of questions once I do!


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Anytime you got questions honey pop on here - there is always someone around :D

And in life there is always something to test us aswell - not just whilst we are on lt so any tests you encounter on your lt journey will be good for you :D
Sorry to hear about your Aunt. Once you have been Lipotrimming and see the fantastic losses, you will find a way to work around events such as weddings, Christenings and funerals and everything in between. On Mothers Day, for instance, I'm cooking dinner and dessert and taking it over to my Mum's, with my daughter and BF, so she cant make me feel guilty for not eating what SHE's cooked!! Mum's thrilled she doesn't have to cook and I'll be head chef, waitress and bottle-washer all rolled into one !!!

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