I just weighed myself - strange reading


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hi guys,

i just weighed myself and i keep getting to diff reading's. I got new digital scales so they should be accurate. When i put the scales on the carpet i get 12.8 and when i put them on laminate floor it reads 12.13 but yesturday on the laminate they were reading 12.11 wat is going it weird i have not eaten a thing so y is it saying i have gained?

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:(i feel down now i feel like i am never gona lose this weight no matter wat diet i do. i keep thinking to myself its not gona work for me even tho it has for others :(


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Best to keep to the laminate flooring for weigh ins. Carpets tend to interfere in the accuracy of readings for some reason.

Most scales need to be on a flat firm and preferably hard surface. Use the same surface each time.

If I read your post accurately, on the laminate flooring, you have lost 2lbs!


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Listen..........stop weighing yourself. In three different rooms of my house I weigh a 1lb in difference. I don't know why. Just keep trucking along and stick to the programme and it will come off. The weight I go by is the official weigh in weight once a week and I ignore any fluctuations in between. Mind yourself and don't get disheartened. xBettyboo


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How long have you been on the diet?

Try very hard to think about the logic here .... on a VLCD you are experiencing a HUGE calorie deficit. The average person needs around 2000cals per day just to exist ... you're consuming about 1500 cals less than that.

One pound of fat = 3500 cals so do the maths.
1500 X 7 = 10500 divide this by 3500 = 3

That's 3lb every week ... and that's if you just lay around doing nothing! By walking about, you bump that up to the stone a month average CD talks about.

The biology of it means that you can't buck the facts ... unless you're about to make medical history, you MUST lose weight on a VLCD if you stick to it 100%. It's when people 'customise' it that it goes a bit pear shaped.

So trust the diet - I promise it WILL work for you. :)


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There's a big chance that the scales aren't accurate. What about weighing yourself a few times one after the other to see if there's a variation in the readings?

I know that I bought 3 or 4 sets of scales before I found one that agreed when I stepped on and off.


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Need-To-Lose - listen to RD ...... you cannot fail on this diet if you stick to it. You HAVE to lose weight.

Ignore your own weighings - during a week you will fluctuate up and down - water on board and so forth. The only weight that matters is the one with your CDC each week. Try to keep those at the same time on the same day so you get an accurate picture.

All it takes is for your body to have on board an extra pint (and that's not much) for you to weigh a pound heavier ....

Just stick to it and you will lose.



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thanks guys,

Dont worry i intend to stick to this diet for while anyway, just want to see good loss to keep me going i will not be weighing myself at home anymore wait till i see my cdc.

thanks again


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If you do keep your scales - put them in one place and weigh yourself at the same time every time you weigh. eg first thing in a morning when you get up.

Couldnt have put it better than RD though - she is so right, Keep at it and the weight will come off. :)


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The other thing to do is measure yourself.

Pounds can fluctuate with TOTM, water retention etc .... but inches show how much you've lost - and if you lose an inch - you don't tend to put it back on unless you gain a lot of weight.