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I keep binging!!!

I manage to keep myself on track for most of the day. Then some evenings or weekends I say what the hell and binge eat. I always regret it afterwards and feel sick. I don't know how to stop this, does anyone have any tips. Im never gonna lose weight this way and am actually putting extra on, what an idiot.

Please help!!!
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Try taking your mind off it? Like a hobby or go for a walk? Just go for one day ignoring it and see ow it goes?



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My tip would be everytime you want to eat try and drink a big glass of water 1st give it ten minutes and see if you really want the food .... because it sounds like you head wants it not your body,

serafyn is right maybe go for a walk in the evenings when you rlikey to start picking it's such lovely weather and the evenings are so nice my dog is really benifiting from the extra exercise and so and i

another thing is brush your teeth ... food never taste good after brushing for atleast 30-40 minutes that way you would be busy doing something else by then
hth - don't give up

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are u eating because u are hungry? if not, try to figure out why u want to eat - are u lonely, bored, stressed? if its something like that then resolving the underlying issues could help stop the binging, or at least you could try something else to deal with them that wont make u feel bad.

if u eat because u actually are hungry, then i would suggest saving some of ur calories for the evening, then treat yourself to something u really fancy. i read somewhere that if u eat what u think u should have, rather than what u actually want, the craving will not go away. its better to have a little bit of what u fancy and enjoy it.

good luck with it! xx


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I have the same problem. I end up binging on the weekends and always regret it. I think about what it will do to my weight. Sometimes it works and knocks some sense in to me. I think my best advice is dont give up. Even after you've had a binge. Dont think thats the end of your diet. Just carry on! I'll do the same ;)

Good Luck!


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When I'm hungry, I eat. And I'm hungry most of the time! The only thing that has worked for me is to just keep a load of 'good' foods in the kitchen within easy reach. I guess I've grazed nearly constantly over the last week or so, so that counts as an extended binge, but I've been binging on apricots, peaches, alpen light bars, mini milks, baby tomatoes, ryvita slices... yes, it all adds up over the day, but it adds up to a hell of a lot less than a chocolate binge! You can snack twice an hour and still stay within 1300-1400 a day, even less.

I'm an inherently nibblesome and greedy individual, so any solution that is going to work long term for me involves eating lots of food. If I tried to do without I would end up binging - I speak from bitter experience. So my advice would be: eat more and eat more often. Just try to stick to low calorie nibbles and lots of fruit and veg!

Letting yourself get too hungry is dangerous.

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