I keep nibbling! and CDC advice....


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i keep nibbling this week, a few spoons of rice here, a bread crust there.... i am on week 7 and have lost 20lbs so far, but i am craving savoury stuff as all my CD stuff is sweet (hot chocs and bars). I am really struggling but thankfully my nibbles have not led me to a full on cheat.

anyway, emailed my CD and she said that if i give it a full week of ss 100% i should have a good loss as some people she knows lose a lot the week after they have a 3-4 day break. she also said that at weeks 7-9 a lot of people struggle and come off for a few days and then go back onto CD and tend to have a good loss.

don't get me wrong - i am on CD and am ploughing on, but can someone please tell me to get my act together. I just seem to have lost the rhythm of how i did CD and i want to get back to that. otherwise i will lose and gain the same few pounds.

i am about 7lbs from my original goal (if i reach this i will want to go down another 7lbs) and that does not help.

can i recover from this or have i done too much damage to get back on CD 100%?

thanks for any advice!
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You are only 7lbs from where you want to be! Pick yourself up dust yourself down and focus on your goal. If you feel the need to nibble brush your teeth, have a bath, go for a walk do anything you can to stop yourself. And have a large glass of water, it's habit not hunger that is driving you.

And give yourself a big hug(())


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I keep picking too, mainly when I'm cooking the family meals. I joined the 100% forum 2 weeks ago and this has really helped me \I have stuck to ss since. Just hope I can keep it up.


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Get your act together. Stop nibbling. You've committed to CD and so its no nibbles until you get to goal.

You are only a stone away from your dream weight so it is feasible for Christmas. Do you know what you want to wear on Christmas Day? How fab you are going to look? (how great it will be to have a guilt-free Christmas dinner....)

You've already lost 20lb and so you know you can do this. You have done 7 weeks and have maybe 4 to 5 weeks left so you are nealry 2/3 of the way through your CD time. If you nibble, it will lengthen and you might not finish by Christmas.

...enough tough love? (it's hard to read that it's so harsh!)


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Hey Leeds,
i know exactly how you feel, this is week 7 for me too, this week has been a nightmare for me, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, not a full blown fall off the wagon, but still cant stop picking!!
I am due to get weighed tomorrow and i dont think i will have lost anything :cry:
So frustrated with myself !!! I need to get my 100% SS head back on, I am determined to lose 1 stone by xmas...
come on we can do it :D


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Hi there,

I was the same a couple of weeks ago, i could not stop picking.. I lost 1lb the first week i did it and 2lbs the second week... after 90% ss'ing i was gutted, but this diet only works properly if one follows it 100%... which is what i did this week and lost 6lbs..

We all fall off the wagon, the beauty of it is, with all the lovely people and great support on here we can get right back onto it 100%..

You can do it.. if i can, anyone can lol

Remember, little pickers wear bigger knickers :)

Good luck x