I knocked myself out of ketosis!


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I have been starving hungry today and yesterday, really struggling to not eat, and as I just finished AAM week on thursday I was assuming my body was adjusting to being back on SS.
But I felt so hungry earlier on I checked for ketones and theres no trace! it was dark pink last week.
The only thing I have done different is drink chamomile tea from tetley, they've been in cupboard for ages and I had run out of nettle tea.
I weighed myself this morning and have put on a pound too!
I'm so fed up whats going on?
Sounds like it might be the chamomile tea, hun - you can only have leaf tea (no fruit or flowers) as ones like peppermint and green tea won't knock you out of ketosis.

Hi ayembee

Yes must be the tea but if you stop drinking that again I bet it won't take long to get back into ketosis. The hunger should be easier to deal with too now you know what has caused it and that it will soon go away.

All the best anyway and congratulations on having been so good.

Dizzy x
Thanks for your replies,
yes it must have been the chamomile tea, i forgot its a flower! I'm really annoyed with myself for being dumb. I've had a crap day and wanted to eat the entire contents of the kitchen..but didn't, I ate some ham out of the fridge and went to bed for 2 hours out of temptations way, I have just made jelly with fizzy water berry flavouring and mousse mix like some one posted earlier and I'm looking forward to that.
hopefully I'll be back in ketosis tomorrow.