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I know i can do this...so why...


Is a loser! ;-)
Did i eat a piece of ham! Seriously! Its my 12th day, im feeling great, not hungrey...more energy than i have had in years yet i open the fridge, take out some boiled ham and eat it! a tiny piece about half the size of my palm! Wasnt even worth it!
Needed to come on here to tell you all, as i felt so guilty and needd to get it off my chest!
Cant beleive a small piece of ham has made me so dissapointed in myself!

Made me realise though that my brain needs some serious re-training!

Right now ive got that off my chest its shake time!

P.S NEVER AGAIN!!!!! :break_diet:
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Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Pmsl.. U r funny :) i think your forgiven! I wouldnt worry about a tiny amount like that. That sounds to me like habit not surrender.! Xxxx


Full Member
Dont worry too much about it... we all have days like that!!!
And you could have done much worse, like reach for the chocolate biscuits!!! Ham wont affect your ketosis and there are few cals in it too so seriously dont worry too much!!!
Its good that you feel guilty though (sorry) because you can remember that feeling for if you find yourself wanting to eat again while on tfr!!!

keep up the good work!!!

Thornhill Cate

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I succumbed to ham on the evening of my 3rd weigh in because I had only lost 2lbs and although I was trying to be upbeat I was really fed up. Just move past it. You won't have messed up the diet.

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