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I know I should be grateful but..........

Yet again, only lost a 1lb this week!!! I know thats better than putting one on, I know slowly but surely is good but I am sticking to this beep beep beep 100% and feel I should be rewarded!!! Lol! I probably am a bit boring with what I am eating and will try for some variety but please give me a break!!!! Araaaagh!!!!
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Hi Tracey, don't get too disheartened at only losing a 1lb a week. I was sticking to it 100% and was losing a pound or a pound and a half but when you think how that mounts up over time and I would be very happy to lose 52lbs by the end of the year!
I know you are right, but i always thought that if you had more to lose it went quicker to start off with-was I ever wrong!!! Lol! i will try my patient hat on! Thanks Tullulah x
No problem, I previously joined slimming world and I had lost a stone within 4 weeks but its taken me 9 weeks this time to get anywhere close to that so I'm in the same boat as you hun. Sometimes it doesn't always follow the rule that if you are bigger you lose it quicker as I'm a rather curvy girl myself. lol
in one go of SW it took me about 2.5 months to lose a stone - and that was sticking to plan!

they say its healthy to lose 1-2lbs a week. Also the slower you lose it the more likely you are to keep it off :)


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As said before 52lb a year is a great loss - it is 3 stone 10lb!!!

I think if it comes off slower (as it did for me - I lost 1/2 - 1lb a week following the plan 100%) you do have time to learn the habits that will keep it off long term. If it came off really quickly, the old habits would be very quick to return - as would the old weight :eek:

Right, that's the feel good stuff out the way - I actually have a long period of first hand experience that also agrees that it is really frustrating week after week - there always seem to be people in class who 'eat rubbish' or 'cheat the plan' and they lose loads don't they?! arrrgh - I agree, it is enormously frustrating being a 'slow' loser, despite knowing that it IS coming off ('better than on' bla bla bla) ...

I think you are right to want change the food you eat, to try and find different things that you enjoy, to experiment a bit - If you are going to see this through, you have a real chance to change your eating habits for good.

Perhaps keep a diary for a week, and check that you are still doing everything right, perhaps fill out an SAS log, just in case ...

but hey, <hugs> AND well done - it was a lb off after all <clap clap clap>


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Since Christmas, all I have achieved is losing 1lb!

I'm putting a pound on, then losing it the following week, so am getting pretty darned fed up with it!
Hi Crazycrafter-Its not easy, it it? But i remember reading somewhere that we havn't failed until we have given up trying-so onwards and downwards i hope!! What do you think you need to get back on it? x
Same as me mate!!! But I'm not giving up. It's still coming off, which, if I wasn't doing SW, it wouldn't be at all.
I've been really down about today, but you know what, being down isn't going to help me.

We need to just keep at it!!! I've had some great, uplifting advice here today and it's really helped.


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