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I know I shouldn't moan but..


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I'm on the fourth day of this and have lost 3 lbs. I know this is a good weight loss, but last time I tried it, in the same time frame I lost 6lbs. I know I shouldn't be weighing myself everyday, but I think I'm a bit of an addict! I weighed myself 5 times this morning to see if it would change!!!
I'm also worried because its now the weekend and I always struggle over the weekends.
I don't even know whether I am in ketosis, i've got no signs of it now. I've been reading that if you try this diet a couple of times, each time after the first isn't as effective, has anyone else found this? I'm just worried its not going to work for me. I'm so fed up of being overweight now. I really need to lose this fat. I want to be slim!!!!
Sorry for moaning!
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Call me Linzi...
This year must be the 10th+ time I've tried Atkins & nearly lost 50lbs... so I don't believe that the weight is harder to shift!

I do believe that mentally everytime you jump on & off the wagon it gets harder... which is why for the past 2 months I have lost the same 7lbs over & over again b'coz I've been listening to my head & not my body!!

I suggest you get someone to hide yr scales or throw them away & go to boots to get weighed weekly... if you can't deal with the fluctuations that us girls have daily in our weight you should definately not be stepping on them every day!

You've lost just under 1lb each day... maybe you weren't retaining as much water as before, coz thats all it is in the first days water loss!!

Your only just above yr ideal bmi too so yr not going to shift it quickly like us big birds!! :D


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Thanks for the boost, I'm just feeling a bit down today. Lots of things bringing me down, and me trying yet another diet is just one of them - however it is giving me something to focus on.
I'm just hoping I succeed on it this time. I haven't successfully lost all the weight I want to for about 6 years.

Yeah Shell, I don't believe in the golden shot theory either, there's all sorts of factors that can change each time you try something. Stick with it love.

as Ditzee and Jim said, a lot factors in and please, don't weigh yourself everyday.

Remeber that a pound of fat = 3500 calories. To lose one pound of fat, you have to burn 3500 calories on top of the calories your body burns just to survive. Quick weight-loss is not the answer especially if a person is close to their ideal body weight. Heavier people lose more, faster, for the simple mathematics of it. A heavier person uses up more resources just to survive. Add to that the reduced calories and any movement during the day and bam! you have a weight loss of 2+ pounds of fat a week.

The thinner the person, the longer the weight takes to melt off because your body burns less calories.

You will get there :)


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3lbs! I'm so jealous! I'm just coming to the end of week three and I have only lost 1lb. Feeling sad but I am persevering! Upped my greens this week, I think I have been a bit too carb paranoid with the veg and have been giving myself too little :eek:
See, Ossireo has put it into perspective.

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