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I know I'm a newbie, but anyone online to help? personel?

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Let us know & we'll try give u help/advice. U can't email any of us or we can't email u as u need 50 posts to do that x
Well, here goes......my daughter has taken my debit card on several occasions and withdrawn money from mine & my husbands account, she has also taken it to the supermarket and bought goods and got cash back. I'm talking a few hundred pounds in the last two months. Me & hubby were made redundant on the same day, a few months ago, he is now working, but I'm not and things are VERY tight and she is aware of that. She has always been rebelious and caused me no end of grief in the last five years and I am now at the end of my tether. She is visiting her girlfriend 200 miles away at the moment and was supposed to come home on sunday but has not appeared because she knows I have found out what she has been up to. Do I call the police? I feel that I have no other choice as we don't know where the money is coming from to pay our mortgage this month. She has constantly lied and stolen from us for years but I have now had enough, she is ole enough to know better as she is almost 19.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
OMG thats not good, is she working? Can u make her pay it back?

Change ur pin numbers & make sure your cards are somewhere she can't find them.

As for how to deal with her I'm not sure...i've just got small babies. Can u make her sell some of her stuff on ebay to give u back ur money. I don't think its good to phone the police as she'll get a criminal record & if she isn't working will find it hard to get a job.

Sorry can't help more but I'm sure someone else can xx
She got my pin number by watching me in the supermarket on many occasions.......I have now changed passwords online for various things, including ebay and paypal and I do not trust her to go on a spending spree now she knows that I know what she has been up to. The worst things are that she paid for my husbands birthday pressie on our joint card and she also withdrew money on our account when we were having a 'mother and daughter' shopping trip in town, she was supposedly having a ciggie outside but was actually taking money out of our account. She had taken the card out of my purse in the morning and I thought I had left it at home
She has absolutely nothing I can sell. How can I have her living back here when I will never trust her? We have had locks on our bedroon door and larder for almost 6 years due to her thieving

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Threaten her with the police if she won't come home & tell her if she doesn't come up with a way of paying u back ur selling her things.
we had 18 months of therapy when she was 13/14! nothing has changed. She's a very self centered, selfish person, I hate to say this about my own daughter, but it's true

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