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i know it wasnt my weigh in but....

Well done! The 1lb on was probably a blip of some kind, maybe water retention etc. At least you know come Tuesday's weigh-in that you'll have lost a few pounds, which will keep you motivated and focused hun. Have a great weekend x
ohhh... <wags finger> stay off those scales missy!


well done tho!

I did well last week, was itching to weigh myself mid week but resisted.. just.. so hard isnt it.. lol

keep up the good work, hope you are feeling more positive about it now x
Well done! The 1lb on was probably a blip of some kind, maybe water retention etc.
Absolutely agree. I find the best time to get weighed/ weigh yourself is first thing in the morning.

You dont get a 100% accurate reading in the evening, cos there will be food and water in you still.

I still think that you are doing great though :) :).. although I must disagree on something...I didnt like the bars at all! :p
thats good news! im thinking it must have been water retention too! so thats great you seem to be back on track! cant wait to see how you have done tomorrow!
Also remember that when you are on TOTM, then your body can retain up to 4lbs of water... so again, don't let it discourage you.

You are doing great! :)
thanks girls! ive been reall good all week but yesterday i made an onion and lamb stew it was so nice i ate loads so im going to have 3 shakes today, the lamb was on the bone it wasnt lean but i didnt eat the fat if i could help it. ive noticed that my arms are looking slimmer and so are my legs and face but my belly is still really round. lol i bought an american apparel spandex dress....argh must fit into it by april!!! as for totm i started the pill and am hoping i wont get more mothlys!
how is everyone today??? everyone getting on ok so far? xxxxx

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