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I know its practically swearing but...


Always welcome new m8's!
...What is everyone doing for Xmas?

I mean i cannot see myself sitting there with my milkshake whilst everyone around me is munching turkey and all the trimmings?!
(mouth watering thinking of it!)
Its my fave meal of the year!

Not to mention the amount of nibbles/chocolates everyone buys and the constant tv adverts!

God and alcohol!


Just wondering if anyone else thought of that...
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I will do this!!!
Hey im refeeding on the 18th dec then going back on LT after boxing day


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well if i am not at my goal i am off it for christmas!


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:giggle: I've heard of planning ahead, but I've just checked and including today its 117 days till Xmas day :giggle:

Boy, you've made me think, I gotta be at goal before beginning of December, cuz you've made a great point, I don't want to be supping shakes on xmas morn :giggle:

But I will be aiming for maintaining weight from 1st Dec to 1st of Jan (that in itself will be a challenge :giggle:)
You should be close to your target by then, so just play it week by week and if by christmas you still have a few pounds to go refeed the week before then as Pizzle said go straight back on LT on Boxing day


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Hi hun, good question. I am aiming to be at target by then in which case I will be eating, but am not planning on going wild. If I'm not at target then I will be shaking cos I don't feel confident that I can come off and go back on again.

I suppose everybody will do what suits their circumstances x


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Hopefully I shall have met my goal by then!!!! I think I will have an off day but be back to healthy eating after new year... :D

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Refeeding on the 18th if not at target :)
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This may sound like a bad idea but I'm starting on the 8th Sept, coming off it on the 22nd december (PLEASE PLEASE -if all goes to plan)then back on the 5th January. I know that's two weeks off to do some serious damage to what I may have lost but I love Christmas time too much. I'm hoping that if I've done well enough I'll be in that zone where you're so afraid of falling again that you're extra extra careful. I'm allowing myself to think of 2 weeks off to give me something to look forward to but I'd really love to feel strong enough to break on 22nd then back on 27th with full force again. I am ALWAYS thinking of Christmas lol
I plan to be on maintenance by December (if I have lost enough weight of course), then on the actual christmas day I plan to do away with the diet, but only on xmas day, the run up and post xmas day do not count, and i will be back to good and healthy ways.


Always welcome new m8's!
Lol i gotcha all thinking now huh!:D

I thought of it cos i had one of those stupid leaflets through my door about Xmas and was like....ohhh!

Yeah i think il have Xmas off, depending how well i do before is how long il allow myself off. Ive been invited out for new years also but might behave for that:break_diet:
But im not gonna go crazy...just love turkey!!!
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LOL -i KNOW! I've toyed with the idea of an atkins type break but really- selection box chocolate is just so much nicer than everday chocolate and I'm just not sure I'm willing to deny myself that! LOL


on the up lol
i will be of LT by then , unless i pile it bk on lol,
but xmas dinner hell yes im eating that, i will stay away from every think else but that awwww i cant miss :p :)
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hmm..you just got me thinking about how long there is left to crimbo! My plan was always to stick to LT until 17th dec and then start re-feed and be at whatever weight i get to at that point, but since i have got stuck into this diet and realised that an 11 stone goal is an realistic goal for me i REALLY REALLY want to achieve it! Soooo.... i've just calculated i need to lose and average of 4.25lbs every week to be at goal for crimbo. eek! :eek:
geez i dont think ill be even near my goal by xmas .. didnt think of it really ... not an xmassy person .but i do love the dinner .. cream in my mashed potatoes :)


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I will hopefully be at my goal if not before as im a size 16 getting loose and want to be a 12 but if not ill def be refeeding before,NO way am i missing out on dinner.mmmmmall that turkey,parsnips mmm my mouth is watering LOL
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Sorry folks, but I hope to be well off diets by then and enjoying a full blown Christmas Turkey & Trimmings. Won't have any cream with my Xmas pudd though. Lol


Always welcome new m8's!
Lol thank god your all agreeing! I was terrified you would all still be doing it over Xmas and id get a guilt trip!

Bring on the turkey and cranberry sauce!

(sorry if i made anyone extremely hungry on this thread!)
i'm having a week off at xmas - we're going away to stay with family so there's no way i'm gonna be a miserable cow while everyones eating and drinking if i'm not! It would be rude to be miserable in someone else's house, right? LOL
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Well I really hope I will be at my target weight by then but if I'm not then I'm with Tara, I'll be sticking to LT. Even if I'm at goal then I won't be overeating. I love the family side of Christmas but I hate that bloated feeling after lunch when everyone lazes about with their stomach aching from so much food.

I really don't want to start 2009 on another vlcd after all my hard work. Overeating is how I got to 18 stone 9lb and I so don't want to be there again!!!! Sorry if that makes me a killjoy but I have worked so hard to get this far and I am soooooooooo scared of getting there again.


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