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I love my pharmacist..but now I don't know what to do!


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Well, I did it- 3lbs off this week :)D), and got speaking to the lovely pharmacist who was off last week. She was thrilled for me, until I mentioned that this was going to be my last week on TFR, that I was going to re-feed next week. She was like 'WHY?!? You're so close to goal, why would you give up now??' and gave me a mini-lecture (nicely!) on how everyone was different, and I shouldn't judge my losses against everyone elses. No two people's metabolism are the same, heavier people will lose quicker, medical conditions (like mine) will mean it will always be tough to lose, but I'm getting there so why give up?

Talk about a wake-up?! I was gobsmacked- she was really positive and encouraged me to stick at it for a few more weeks because I was 'so close' to goal. She said at the training night last week (proof they get regular 'updated' checks!) they were to encourage LT-ers to get to their goal, re-feed for a week, then maintain for 3wks (within 1-2lbs)- with weekly WI's so that its 'proved' to us that we can keep the weight off even when we eat. She told me that so many times they don't see people ever again after 1 weeks re-feed, and they're back in a few months looking to go back on it!

So now I don't know what to do. She has me all fired up to stick at it for the last 10lbs, but I've promised my hubby to go for a meal with friends in a week or two? He's been so good & supportive I'll feel like I'm letting him down big time if I renege on my promise? We haven't been out together in over 3mths, and I promised him I'd be done with TFR by now- and I would've been if my losses had've been like everyone elses? Still, it wasn't to be.:sigh:
What if I stick at TFR, and just go for the one meal? It couldn't do that much harm surely if I'm sensible and avoid alcohol?
I definately want to be done with TFR by the end of July- theres a big local carnival weekend on and I'm really looking forward to letting my hair down and having a few drinks and stunning everyone with my new figure?! LOL! Hmm....:confused:
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How about a compromise??

Remain on TFR. Arrange the meal for the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of August (you are in Ireland arent you??) and refeed the week of the carnival? Thats 4 weeks and you should be at goal by then!


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The Carnival weekend is the weekend of 1st-2nd August! So I'd need to re-feed for at least a week before that- starting Friday 24th July? So I'd be on TFR for another 4 full weeks...hmm...I don't know if I can put him off for that long? I may just go for the meal and put him off any others until re-feed...to keep the peace! LOL! What to do...what to do...?
I think thats a good idea from Theresa there hun. For 10lbs, i would stick with it. Theresa's right that should only be about 4 weeks for you?

tough decision hun, I'm sure hubby will understand. you've come this far. xxx


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Could you offer to pay? Drive? Just trying to think of ways to get him to agree! My OH is complaining cos the pub is boring.. keep trying to get him to understand how much money he is saving!


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It's a gift voucher- so is free (and in danger of running out!) and I've offered to drive, thats not a problem? I may wait & see how much I've got off next week then decide? I'm definately leaning towards sticking to LT for longer, but having a 'good' meal out with them on that one night?....
We run a bar, and Hubby taxi's as well, so him getting a night out away from it all for even a few hours is a big deal to him?


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YAY!!! BRILLIANT loss irish!! Am very pleased for you!! :D

If i was you i'd be inclined to stick with LT longer but i know how much you were looking forward to refeed. How about a compromise with your hubby - if you only have another 10lbs to go how about doing another 2 weeks on LT then refeeding and having the meal then? Hopefully you will lose half that 10lbs and so wont have much to lose when your off :)


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Thanks Summer.
It'll probably be a week or two before we'll get anyway (work/babysitters etc.) that why I was hmm-ing & haa-ing about sticking at LT and just having the one evening 'off'? So I could get right back on it the next day (I won't be drinking or anything?)and hopefully not fall too far off track?
Knowing my luck I'll gain or something next week just to knock me back again, but if I lost 2lbs a week for the next 4wks I'd be 2lbs from goal....gosh...actually typing that has sent a shiver down my spine! LOL! And if I 'only lost 1lb or sts one week with one meal, then I'd still 'only be 2-3lbs from goal....hmm....

why am I so indecisive?!?


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Well if you are going to just go for the one meal option make it sensible; chicken, fish, veg - no sauces etc no carbs but i think you already know this anyways! :)
Your husband will understand he has been VERY supportive through your journey so another few weeks isnt going to matter, tell him what the chemist said and see what his reaction is you might be pleasantly surprised.
Good luck what ever you decide xxxx


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It's an asian all-you-can-eat place so I'll be able to get the meat/fish with no sauce and loads of veg...hopefully? And avoid the rice/noodles! What a waste...but I can have a 'proper' asian meal after I've been maintaining for a while as a reward!
Happydaystocome (love the name btw!LOL!)- he thinks I'm too 'skinny' as it is, and that all this 'fasting' can't be good for me! No point blinding him with science, its goes right through his head! He does know that the food re-introduction phase is slowly over a few weeks though so I might bluff a little and tell him I'm having lunch as my meal and still have my 3 shakes a day..it'll only be a little fib...to keep the peace?...
I think I'll quietly keep at lt and see does he mention it again...he mightn't want to go for a few weeks and all this worrying will be for nothing! LOL!
The chemist said exactly the same to me this morning i have only 2lb to go to my goal, i was going to refeed from tomorrow but we both decided to give it 1 more week as you are better being at goal before refeed. I no its sad but im not bothered,wasent looking forward to food anyway.
Good luck hun xxxx


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Having followed your story from even before you started on this journey I REALLY understand that you want to not 'let hubbie down' over this so I would say, go for the meal, get the smallest driest piece of meat or fish you can find but not the 'loads' of veg you mention. Look for green leafy ones or green beans - something like that and don't have any more than a couple of table spoonsful - veg are carbs too! xx Enjoy xx


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Hee-hee...okay 'loads' of veg was probably a bit of an exaggeration! But I was thinking king prawns (low-fat, high-protein) with dry stir-fry chinese veg (usually stuff like cabbage, celery, beansprouts, etc.)- it wouldn't be toooo bad would it? As I say, I know some of you don't agree with coming off LT at all, and I'm not looking for an 'excuse' to eat, and it might not even come to it knowing my Hubby (by the time he gets his arse in gear and organises it! LOL!), but if it happens I'll try and cause the least damage? I'm sooo close for the first time in years.

You'll all have to wait longer for the 'before' pic though! LOL!
I personly think you should stay on tfr you are so close to it i think you should stick at it im sure hubby wont mind and as to the one meal when i was following lt religiously i went out for dinner twice that week and i still loss 7 lbs x
Firstly well done sooooooooo much on weigh in, i can imagine you were chuffed to get anything over 2lb :)

You know i'll always say stick to it 100% ;) but in reality you've had an emotionally hard time and i know you are very private with who knows you're on TFR so can understand you not wanting to go out for dinner and just drink water/tea.

It's great that your pharmacist has been well trained and is supportive, but you must do what's right for you. it's a big decision and i'm sure once you've weighed (!) everything up and talked to hubby you'll be happy with your decision either way.

You're doing great :)


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Hi IrishMum,
congrats on a great weight loss, you must be rightly pleased with that. Don't tell your husband what the chemist said, he'll never serve her again and you'll lose a customer.:D I would put the date in the diary and aim toward that, making sure it was over two weeks away so as to allow you to organise babysitters, cover etc. Either way stay positive and you will do fine. Best of luck this week.


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LOL @ you both! Thanks!

I think I'll play it by ear regarding the meal (that might never happen!) and stick at my TFR for another few weeks. The 3lbs this week has inspired me, but a poor loss next week might throw me? I guess I'll have to keep the faith and see what happens- Que sera sera & all that!
Doirin- he'd probably get her pi**ed and make her sign something saying she'd never give me any more shakes ever again! LOL!
Thanks for the understanding Elle- I'd just avoid the meal altogether rather than sit at an all-you-can-eat meal with friends (that is free!) and answer awkward questions! I'd rather have a tummy bug/unreliable babysitters to blame for one night! LOL!
i think that's fair enough - you're obviously open to whatever happens at next weigh in (and let's face it, none of us ever really has a clue when it comes to the mysterious ways of LT!!)

well done again :) am missing my own weigh in tomorrow to go shopping at a fancy designer outlet shopping village for a fabulous new dress with my best friend!!

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