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I look disgusting!

I cant believe how awful i look, rolls and rolls of belly fat/back fat treetrunk legs, double chins. I hate it, looking in the mirror.

Took my daughter to a nature park yesterday and wanted to take some photos, my friend took one of me and soph and i look huge :-(. i dont want her to have a fat mummy...shes only 6 months.

I know im feeling sorry for myself today

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Awwww Emmaleonie, im sure its not that bad. Why not make today the starting point and keep that photo for motivation along the way. Have started slimming world yet??
Im new, started on Monday and i feel that way about myself and really need to change so im full of motivation and have had a good first week-i hope, weigh in tomorrow!
Just need to take each day as it comes as i really just want to be thiner NOW but it doent work like that does it, need to work hard and keep on track.

Good luck, you can do it x


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Please don't beat yourself up!
You have recognised that you need to lose weight, and that is brilliant.
Today, can be the start of a slim you!
Just get into SW, and you will shed those pounds.
Good luck, hun xxx


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Hang on to the photo I struggled to find a before picture for slimming world, when you are having a bad day look at that photo and you will see a difference honestly when my consultant passed around my before picture and I was staning there in the miss slinky sash I felt on top of the world, each award is on the fridge to remind me to think before I eat, my baby is not one for another month and a bit and I was slim long ago, but after my other children I didn't diet and I was a fat mother, so this time hard work and determination has made it happen.

Don't be like me and wait till your last child and have weight related pregnancy problems.
don't be so hard on yourself darl! i've got a one year old and i know how you're feeling but SW has helped me loose 1st7lb since my little boy was 6months old and i have the willpower of a gnat so you can deffo do it. chin up and good luck. big hugs xxx
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Awww hun I know how you feel but don't beat yourself up about it. As you have recognised that you are not happy do something about it. Join SW if you haven't and do some exercise if you can. We all have bad days, and photos can be evil! But turn it into a positive

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Oh sweetpea.

Soon enough, your going to look back at that photo and smile.. because youl remember this moment and how it made you feel, that at this moment in made you realise how much you really want to stick with sw.. and your daughter will be so proud of you, and so greatful her amaizng mummy put in so much hard work for both of your benifits.

IT can be difficult at the time. But that photo will be your 'before' photo.. not your after photo.



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i agree totally with the above post dont be so hard on your self at least you can now be motivated to start eating healthier and look forward to having a nice after photo taken good luck and heres to the new you x
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Use that photograph to try and keep yourself motivated. Start today and take one day at a time. We all have times when we feel like that, I feel like that all the time to be honest. I have lots of photographs I hate of myself and the only ones I really like are just of my face although I don't like the double chin.

I'm going to improve how I look and have been dieting for three days. You can do it :)
i just started a thread on photos and how i let myself get so overweight,so i know exactly how you feel.

im in my fifth week of sw and feel 100% better already. so stick to the plan and before you notice you will see little changes in yourself and think "hey i can do this".

little comments from folk such as "have you been losing weight" can really help you along to.

my photo on my profile is taken day before i started sw, every 2 monthes im going to take a photo same postion and see the changes, so hang on to that photo of yours for keepsake of days gone by.
thanks everyone for your kind words. the final straw today..my leggings have a whole at the seams :-(, and as i live in leggings at the moment its the final straw!!! So tomorrow im starting, turning over a new leaf and having ago at extra easy. Cant join a class till a week on weds but can have ago at home.
Em x
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aww hun ((( ))) we can all tell you over and over that we are sure you don't look as bad as you imagine but if you don't believe it theres no point. so use this feeling get you started on a great road. tell your self you are gonna one day able to look at yourself and say I look great.
please do keep the photo and take alook at this to make you feel better and show you how you can turn that photo around.
MiniMins.com - Inspiration my photo gonna be on there one day let yourself imagine yourself on there to and you will achieve it.
good luck hun we are all here for you


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Awwww Em, I can only echo what everyone else has said! I'm so glad to hear that you are going to let this motivate you though. All too often I used to have moments like you have had and it used to drive me to the fridge for comfort instead!! Good for you for acting, it's the most important first step to success :D

Good luck with class and I would highly recommend keeping the photo that made you feel that way too. I kept one in my bag for years and always pulled it out to show me how far I was coming...it worked. Give it a go and look forward to seeing you posting.

Keep your chin up sweetie :D xxx
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Hey chic please don't be so hard on yourself. Put the photo on the fridge or inside the snack cupboard - wherever you need the motivation. I only started this yesterday but I think your here and thats a start. Your on the right road. xx

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