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I look like "fat" Kerry Katona!!!!

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So I bought a copy of Heat last week and on the front cover was a picture of Kerry Katona with her new body - along with an old picture of her...

I was having a moan to my BF saying I dont know how she does it etc.... And he said that my belly looks the same as Kerrys "old" belly - I was mortified!!!

If this isnt a reason to get back LT I dont know what is....

Here is the photo.....

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Oh dear ha ha!!! The cheeky devil eh?! Well Hun, we all know what we all want to look like and be like, and to be honest, I wouldn't mind having Kerry's OLD belly or her new one, they're both better than mine ha ha!!! But you don't and thats fine, try the old tip of cutting out the pic and sticking it up in the kitchen. OR...hee hee stick a pic of your head on her OLD body and THEN stick it up in your kitchen.

You've done great up to now Babes, keep at it as there's not far to go now. X
don'tvhat just love OH's huh? But just think soon enough her old belly will be your old belly aswell. Good luck to you..I have every faith you will suceed

Foo Fan

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Thanks both - I've cut out the photo of Kerry and put it my purse - I'll look at it everytime I feel like eating :) :)
My Oh is just as complimentary as yours, we had our sons birthday party and when we were looking at the pics he pointed at the tyre around the top of my jeans and said "you need to do something about that"! Its the biggest i have ever been cause ate whaterver i wanted throughout my pregnancy and now my little un is 4months its time to loose the extra 3 stone lol. I keep thinking about that pic and helps me also i have a big picture of me and my oh and first son taken before i fell pregnant and i was so slim and sexy in it, this pic hangs on my living room wall on a very large canvess so thats my goal and i see it everyday.
hun if ya face is anythin to go off ya a LOT better lookin than katona!!
Wow, your oh is really just too kind! good on ya for motivating and laughing it off :) xx

Well after 2 babies that were both over 9 pounds even fat Katona tummy would be alright by me.
My wrinkly old hag bag has to be contained in spanks when I'm a size 10...I'm still hoping for a tummy tuck!


a new way of living!
I really feel for these 'celebs' - she is prob what size 12? 14? 16 max max max! I am sure most women can look fat from different angles and slim from others. even te size tens out there can be made to look fat.

another mag with the same image can air brush the lumps out, give her a tan, shave off a few inches, and make the exact same piccie look ace.

I never pay any attention to these images, a) I am a woman sensitive to my own insecurities enough to know that all woman have them, and should be spared the tormet, and b) its cruel! I mean come on, what kind of person choses a career that fixates on someones weak points and exploits it to others?

I have enough trouble accepting my own piccies, let alone someone elses, and I am in no position to become fattist.

Poor kerry I think, and when she loses the weight again, there will be another one saying 'how drawn and old' dieting has made her...

they cant win, and as long as we hang our esteem on these images, neither can we.

rant over :D lol

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