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I lost... Drum Roll........


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well done! u'll be in the 10s snugly by next week :D xxxx


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thanks karen! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Wow! That's amazing! A quarter of the way there in one week!!!

Well done on a brilliant loss - keep up the good work!
Well done!

that's an amazing loss.

Ruby :)


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aww thankyou!, its been all you lovely members that has inspired me with your losses.

Well done keep going you will soon be where you want to be:D

:wow:Sun - 10lbs in one week :eek:! That is truly amazing:clap:. It has taken me 2½ weeks to lose 11lbs! How did you do it?
Very well done xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi Minnie,

Didnt cheat, drank 5 litres of water a day, I dont know why some people lose more or less, I was shocked because I do only have the minimum 3 stone to lose, just keep at it, I'm sure your losses will get faster than me now, if I do 3lbs a week I will be happy

thankyou all again xxxxxxxxxxxx
What a fantastic weight loss :wow:keep this up and you'll be finished before you know it:party0049:

I'm off for my weekly meeting in about 5 mins so spose I should do a bit more work before I leave:sigh:

Did/do you exercise at all? If so, to what degree. I do not do any :sigh: I am really conscious of the fact that I need to address this but I don't know what to do. I don't do gyms and certainly do not run! Have thought about swimming but that is as far as it gets although I know once there I really enjoy it. I have a yoga DVD at home maybe I should dust that off! Mind I have just got some of those slendertone pants off ebay but have not tried them yet - intend to tomorrow night after weigh in so hopefully that will help so far as inches are concerned.
Once again - very well done


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good luck tonight back on track x

Minnie, not exercised yet, but I will go swimming once I organise a monthly membership, otherwise daily swims will get too expensive, I might walk also if the dreaded rain stops xxxxxxx


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minnie our stats are very close together, what say we rally each other for ups and downs and motivation as well as our more experienced LLers for support.


Sounds good to me - the more support the better. I would have given you my email address but I cannot see how I can send you a private message and I don't really want to go public with it!



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minnie, ok, use this mail for me initially, Its a spare I dont really use it!, and I will then send you my regular one!

[email protected]



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by the way its an underscore between the z and i (_)
Email sent!

Hi there - I have sent you an email


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read and replied xxxxxxxxxx

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