I lost nothing!!


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aww you've got the right attitude :) i'm sure you'll loose next week i always seem to loose a lot more every other week


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Oh no!!
Do you have any idea why? did you do a food diary? Did your consultant look at it for you?

Sometimes this does happen though and it is very demoralising (and awkward when you are the one doing the weighing), it's so hard to keep going when you get a rubbish first week but it will come off.


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I was doing EE but to be honest I find it extra annoying! Back to Green days for me I think! I find it a lot easier and I am allowed cheese and milk, I don't have to choose! Lol ;)

Jaylou, I think I was getting confused with EE, so I'm not gonna do it! I found it awkward and just darn right confusing tbh, green is easy! :)


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Well done for remaining so chipper - and heres to a good green loss instead (and hopefully this weeks good eating will be carried forward for an extra good WI next week instead!) x


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Hopefully doing the Green days will suit you better, I do either Red or Green as it seems to suit my eating patterns.....bet you have a good loss next week. :)