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I lost weight!

yay, i lost 7lbs!!(week 1- maybe just water, but it shows me the diet works!)

just wondering if you mind sharing whats working for you. what sort of things do you eat for your evening meals?

this week i have tried to do 20mins of exercise every day and i drink a least 4 litres of water every day. i have not really snacked but i always end my night with a cup of 10cal cuppa soup.

please share hints and tips, i find this forum really quiet and slow sometimes. it would be nice if we all supported each other more and shared some inspirational stories for new people or people who may be struggling.

i know we can all do it, i believe in you guys.:grouphugg:
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That's an awsome loss! And you drink a ton of water! I'm really pushing myself to get down 2l a day.

Well, I'm really off the wagon right now, but I was doing good a while back. I only have me to cook for, so I did a lot of wraps, salads, and roasted vegetables. I roasted some aubergine last week, just sliced it up, poured a can of pasta sauce over it, and a little bit of cheese. It was so good! I just have roasted vegetables too, and maybe throw a vegetarian sausage in there for something different. I used to have a lot of ready meals, I tried to get some of the healthier ones, but to be honest I just got a bit bored with them, and I prefer to do my own thing most of the time.

This forum is one of the quietest sometimes! Everyone's really supportive, but it's easy to feel like that's not the case sometimes when no one's talking
canadatogo, hey im glad you replied, thought i was on my own!! well i have just ordered a diet plate, should be here by tuesday hopefully. apparently you can eat all your fav meals but it works out all you portions for you, it cost £20- yes i know, but desperate is as desperate does!! newho...........im thinking that if i combine slimfast with this plate i will save money in the long runs as i can eat the same as my family without thinking or guestamating the portions and i will be losing weight.

how long have you been on the plan? how much do you want to lose?

i've been on for a week, tried every diet known to man, so this has to work. i would love to lose 5 stone by next August as i have booked a holiday. i love the fact that you get to eat a meal of an evening. i brought loads of fruit this weekend and will try and eat atleast three pieces every day tthis week to see if it makes a difference, i want to have about 1,200 cals per day. i will also try and up my exercise to 25mins per day. i think i will try and up the exercise by 5 mins every week to see if i can eventually get up to an hour a day.

i know the road ahead is going to be bumpy, but we just have to fasten our seatbelts and enjoy the ride!!
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Well done Chinaa that's a fantastic loss. I too think the SF section of this forum can be a little quiet, I'm always trying to think of a topic to start but I'm pretty much out of idea's.

You had me baffled for a minute, I was wondering what a 'diet plate' was, where did you get it?


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wow fantastic loss you must feelvery pleased well done x


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Fantastic on the weight loss. The SF forum does go quiet from time to time - may difficulty is, is I am now not allowed to go on here during the day because work has banned these type of sites. I have two young children and find it hard to find the time to get on the evening so i tend to come on in the morning before work.

I personally have been on SF since Jan although I have fell off the wagan since Aug and am trying to get back on. I agree SF does work and I like doing it.

Good luck everyone.

S: 26st2.2lb C: 24st13lb G: 21st5lb BMI: 54.7 Loss: 1st3.2lb(4.7%)
hey fattymcbigbum, i ordered the diet plate from amazon, still waiting for it!! they said it should come today so hopefully i can try it out tonight!
it looks cool... pricey though I checked ebay thought maybe there would be a cheaper version but there isn't :O someone needs to tap into that market cos I'd have one if it didn't cost so much :D
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WELL DONE on the weight loss Chinaa that's FAB!! :clap: Hope I can do as well on my first week... watch this space!!

For my evening meals I am cooking Rosemary Conley recipes (yes I've done most of 'em when it comes to diets lol!)

Have a search on the internet for low fat or low cal recipes to give you some ideas. Best of luck for next week's weigh in!!
well done hun, grats. i was just saying earlier how our lil forum section is too quiet lol. im on week 3 now and goin steady lol. stupid totm is coming and going but i am determined. i do my 30 mins a day on the wii fit and try and stay up to where my cals should be. gotta get more ready made shakes for work tomorrow as im out of cafe classic! sob,:cry: i love that one.

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Hi, just wanted to say well done on your first week's loss! I hope I do that well!

FA xx

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