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i love my mum

She planted a lil seed of hope in me today. I often avoid thinking about me ever being pregnant(even with this recent ivf approval) so when my mum reminded me to keep my old clothes for if/when i get pregnant it just set my thoughts on a trail to infinity. I now have a lump in my throat and butterflies in my tum and my eyes are starting to glaze over too!!:thinking2:hmmmm!
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how nice.

Just for the record I love my mum to. Her comments last week when I was with her last thursday. Make me glaze to. She saw me two days in to doing LL, and 11weeks and she couldnt believe it. She started exante, but she is having to have a hysterectomy so been advised to stop.

Great when you get support from family. Often lacking, but always required.


Getting her sparkle back
I love my mum too! Went to see family in Scotland this weekend, and she made so many lovely comments (positive strokes in LL speak!) She even bought me a pair of new jeans, as ever since I put on weight i've been living in leggings, convinced myself that since they're black they're slimming...not so sure now! Wore my new jeans to work today and as daft as it sounds i've been strutting everywhere!

I phone my mum and dad pretty much every day and they've been my biggest support, nobody else has commented on my weight loss which doesn't really suprise me as get the feeling my friends prefered me being the 'fat one' and not really being a threat for male attention! And also some people don't like to comment as it kind of insinuates that I needed to lose weight...if that makes sense? But my parents always say how proud they are, and my dad pays for half of the cost, so that keeps me going :)
And also some people don't like to comment as it kind of insinuates that I needed to lose weight...if that makes sense?
makes perfect sense.

dont think friends see the weight anyway and would rather not have said anything in the first place rather than upset you.

I keep taking offence from my OH when she tells me about how I have changed. She would say things like "your belly was this and face that" and a switch says, she didnt like aspects of me before. clearly thats rubbish, but the changes are good, but before wasnt negative.

anyway. sounds good that your dad is helping you out.
hanmac its great that ur dads helping you out i wish i was gettting a hand financially which i'm sure alot of us wish. my mum and lil brother have been my biggest support through my journey. all their positive comments and positive strokes and putting up with my going on and on about the same thing all the time how my tummy feels like jelly and how my clothes fit now. It makes me laugh how i share it all with my brother in very girly conversations. love him too! i'm trying to get him to join ll too!


Getting her sparkle back
I am extremely lucky to have my dad helping me out, being a student there is no way I could afford it on my own, and since I could never waste my dad's money it's a great form of motivation.

Aww families are just the best! :) You're brother sounds brilliant, think mine would die of embrassment if I tried to have a girly chat with him!
my brothers have been badgering me for years to loose weight. they really support me also. no need for girlie chats with them though for me. I think that would really worry them if i did
:8855::8855::8855::8855::8855:lol! he is a tad worried, about himself that is!

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