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Struggling as I love food so much!!!


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Hi all,

this is my first post ever! I have been on CD for 5 weeks, I am on SS and I am struggling so much...I just want to EAT...I can't stop fantasising about food..(hmmm wonder why I have a weight issue?) :rolleyes:

I gained 4 stone when I was pregnant and in the last 5 weeks I've lost 26lb which is good I know...but dear Lordy I love and miss food so much it is like my friend and I end up feeling stressed and annoyed because I am not eating.

i know I'm not hungry, it is definitely emotional...I also did SW in the past and managed to lose 7 stone and stayed around 11.7-12 stone for 3 years and then I fell pg and gained a lot of weight happily!

my start weight was 14.11 and I'm now 12.13, and I think it's actually worse that I feel good and better coz I think 'great, I'm not as fat as I was, treat yourself and have a cake!' Arrggghhh:mad:

I just love food and want to have a normal meal so badly...

tell me lovely positive things to push my bad food thoughts away please!!!
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I'm new to minimins too but I have done Cambridge before, back for my second attempt.

Wow you've done so well in the last five weeks - please don't cave in.

I know how hard it is - whilst doing SS I think that most people become obsessed with food and think about it non stop, plan the meals they will have when they come off it and have crazy food dreams!

It is 100% not worth it. Just think of your goal and how amazing you will feel when you get there.

Think of all the lovely autumn clothes you will be able to wear - I can't wait to wear jeans again instead of living in leggings.

The food will always be there - it isn't going anywhere so just stay strong and keep focused!

I gained a lot of weight whilst pregnant too - and even more whilst breast feeding. My daughter is 2 now.

I originally did Cambridge last year and lost 4 stone (15,2 to 11,2) in 12 weeks.

I felt amazing and thought that I could maintain by doing weight watchers. Oh how wrong I was! My addiction to food and eating came back even stronger than before and here I am at the end of day one of my second attempt. I'm 16 1/2 stone so nearly a stone and a half more than when I originally started Cambridge last year.

If you're anything like me you're all or nothing when it comes to dieting and food. I can't have an ok eating day. I either eat everything in sight or starve myself. I abuse food and binge. I can't be trusted to eat in moderation so I need to stay 100% focused.

Come on we can do it. We need to be yummy mummy's!!

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Mrsaok - I'm telling you now - do NOT give in.

I have been on and off vlcd's since August 2011, because I lose about 2 stone (same as what you've lost which is absolutely FAB by the way) and think I'm quite happy with this...fall off the wagon...it's like groundhog day.

You need to try and quash the obsession over food - I had it big time the first time I did LL - I'd watch Masterchef, Come Dine with Me, anything food related - it was a complete obsession. Giving up now is NOT worth it. Set yourself a goal and set out some mini goals in the mean time.

When you find yourself thinking about food, go and do your hair, put on a face mask, give yourself a manicure - anything to distract yourself. I can't tell you how disappointed you'll feel if you give in!

Keep going! xx
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I have found since i started i have missed food, but my body now understands it is a fuel, not my best friend.

That was my total issue. I turned to any type of food, good or bad, when i was upset, ( or due) so now i have only my shakes (have 4 a day +pint of milk) i feel very alone and that i haven't treated myself in a long time.

I've now found different ways to treat myself. Clothes, Games, other materialsitc stuff. I miss going out for dinner though!


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i love the money i save by now going out for dinner now!

All my rewards arent about food, if i'm sad, its not about food, if my daughter does something its rewarded with something other than food, i've been able to do loads more with my time now its not spent in the kitchen or eating...although im on SS+ now so i do think about food a bit.
S: 21st3lb C: 19st4lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st13lb(9.09%)
I always used to get a take out with my partner and watch a movie. now i feel so rubbish, i have to sit there and watch him eat a gorgeous pizza or something.

He says he wants to support me, but he doesn't know how, without food being envolved.


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S: 14st11.0lb C: 12st9lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 2st2lb(14.49%)
Well you are all bloody amazing aren't you! Thank you so much for your replies, I didn't even realise anyone had replied as I didn't get any notifications!

KJC I think we are kindred spirits-I could've written your reply too, well done for getting back on the horse and thank you so much for telling your story it has helped me a lot to regain focus.

I spoke to my CDC and I have stepped up to SS+ which is so much better as I was just too hungry on SS...those on this plan are truly amazing to me!

Yes I am SO all or nothing, I crave routine and the strictness of diet and then I battle with 'ah go on live life a bit' but you are so very right, the food will still be there and I want to finish my journey and learn better eating habits. You will get there too you have the right attitude for sure!

Y'all have brought me back from the brink of binge...yes you're right I should treat myself to non food related things...it's so hard though isn't is? I'm glad I'm not alone...everything I did revolved around food, go to the beach-great I can have fish and chips, let's pop into town- great I can have a cake and coffee, go to the cinema-fab, excuse to buy copious amounts of sweets and crap because that's what you do right?

Well not anymore! Thank you so much for your replies they mean the world to me and have really helped to put things in perspective!

You're all fab

S: 21st3lb C: 19st4lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st13lb(9.09%)
I'm glad you got to us just in time!

I'm exactly the same as you, well was. I would love going to places and being able to have that certain food you have with thatp place, but now, i'm over it. i miss it, but like someone else said, i just know that it's my journey and it's for me, so i should quit moaning! haha

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