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I love SW but.....

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Hi there

I am following slimming world and its great, but I just established that I am an emotional eater - i turn to food when times are hard or I am sad/ stressed/ bored/ lonely.... etc... and I over-eat... to the fact that i am stuffed and have to open my trousers to feel comfortable...

So over the xmas holidays I was speaking to one of my friends who rarely puts on weight and is never on a diet... she told me that she only eats when she is hungry and finishes her meal when she starts to feel full... she said that she never overeats, she has good and bad food and eats slower, she recommended hypnotherapy to me as I am an emotional eater - but everyone knows how much consultations cost - so I invested in the Paul McKenna book - I can make you thin... whereby he said eat what you like, eat when you are hungry, eat slowly and savour the food, and stop when you begin to feel full... well I read the book in a day cover to cover and listened to the cd that came with the book (which is about 25 mins before I go to sleep) - very relaxing... well I have been doing it the past 5 days (i have been incorporating it with my healthy slimming world foods - you dont have to - you can eat what you want but I am trying to be as healthy as possible - for me) and yes people I have lost 2lbs :happy036:(he said you should only weigh yourself every 2 weeks but I was curious.. so weighed myself after 5 days... It changes you thinking about food - you dont obsess about food and you dont get stressed when you go to a buffet or restaurant cos you know you can eat what you want and just follow the method of eat when you are hungry and stop when you being to feel full - I would definately recommend the book... will keep checking in here to let you know what my progress is like.. if you are interested....

Chat soon
Fatty ;)
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It makes sense, Fatty. I think the Paul McKenna system and SW are very compatible as they both recommend stopping eating when you are satisfied. Good that you are combining the two as, if you have to eat, you may as well eat healthy SW food!

Good luck :)
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Hi there

I had the book and CD a while ago -and think it really helped me -especially when I decided to do SW :D
I found that the bit about eating "what you want when you want" really made a difference. I was a devil for eating by the clock... 12o'clock ---ooohh must have lunch etc, where as now I will eat when Im hungry and I will eat what I want -by that though I don't mean choc etc as I no longer fancy that :D but like today I wanted porridge for lunch so I did and if I wanted leftovers from dinner for my brekkie tomorrow I would -as long as its all within the plan of course ;)..


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hiya :)
I to have this cd/book and when i had a very stressfull time before moving house-was eating everything in sight lol...it helped....but then for some reason once moved i stopped...think i read somewhere that the method wouldnt help long term if you had/have deep rooted emotional prob/issues with/without comfort eating etc...but after reading your thread i may well give it another go....

ive just restarted sw-last week and am doing it alone so maybe the cd is the boost/support i need..even if it helps me feel less tense/worried bout losing weight thatd be something good :)

Good luck everyone!
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Hi there, yes I listened to the cd and read the book a few yearrs ago.

The main thing that stuck in my mind was eating or rather chewing with your eyes closed. i tend not to do it at tea time as my OH and daughter would think I was losing the plot but I am definately going to try it again at lunch time as you feel the textures of the food more and notice more flavour.

Not sure about the eating when hungry as at the moment I wouldn't stop.

Personally I need to stick to a somewhat food schedule as I know if I got past say 2pm then I will get really hungry and just eat anything I can find which is usually crisps or biscuits.
S: 18st4lb C: 13st12lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 28.6 Loss: 4st6lb(24.22%)
Hi there

Just checking back in and this method is working for me with my lovely SW recipes which I enjoy - 7lbs down people in nearly 2 weeks, his cd is so relaxing... I find that I get hungry 3 hours after I eat (is probably different for everbody else) - but that is something that I never knew before as I was constantly eating all around me...

Went for a lovely neck, back and shoulders massage yesterday and I am really feeling it today - feels like I have done a workout in the gym... nice little treats;) I used to reward myself with food when I had a loss at my SW class... but no more... the odd little treat is good:)

Will check back in next week to let you know where I am at - let me know how ye are all getting on aswell...

Am going salsa dancing next week in my local community centre - so shud be fun and am gyming it tomorrow ;)

Good luck everyone ;)


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sounds like you had fun with ya massage lol....i trained in body massage therapy some yrs back....id love to get back into it actually as its actually quite nice doing the massage....cathartic and focusses the mind...

anyhoo thanks to you fmcft ive got a boost..im going to start listening to the cd again from friday after my wi...and i too would like to check back in here to compare notes lol...

muffintop..i used to do the same over and over again...with me it was an emotional thing...easier to stuff down food to smoother the emotional pain i was going through....but as ive found out it would have been easier on myself to just deal with things lol...we live n learn...

good luck fmcft+to everyone!


Slimming World
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I ripped the CD and put it on my ipod, it helps me sleep :)
Heh! Me too! My boyfriend downloaded all the Mckenna stuff he could find from a torrents site. We have I can make you thin, Deep Relaxation and Supreme Self Confidence.

I have not listened to one of them in my entire life as we put them on at bed time it gets to the bit where he is like "count backwards from 300... 300, 299..........." and I am out like a light!!! haha.

I actually think the Supreme Self Confidence one has worked though. I listened to it when I was going for my first teaching job interviews and before that the thought of going to an interview made me sick to the gut but after that I couldn't even feel nervous before my interviews. I was thinking what is wrong with me?!

My Head of Department has said to me since that they gave me the job because at the interview I didn't stop smiling the whole day so maybe feeling confident even if it was just me imagining it helped!
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me too

thanks OP, think I'm gonna hunt out my book and cd and stick it in my phone so I can listen to it in bed, could really do with a boost at the mo
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I shall have to dig his cd and book out. When i write my food diary if i have had a bad day emotionally i write my feelings down under my food diary days for me to look back on and how and what i can try and change. xx


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I tried it about 6 months ago and a lot of it has stuck. I've got the app on my iPhone think it was 5.99 worth every penny. Along with sw it should work a treat. In fact I'm going to start listening to it again. It also helps with how u feel about yourself. Which can only be a positive thing

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