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I love the wii

I know they are amazing! plus if i could send bk all those mail order machines that i wasted a fourtune on i could of bought my wii and all the games and more!


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I love my wii fit board- i got it for Mothers day last year.
Just dance is fab too, ive been on it this morning, usually go on it when the kids go to bed.
I have heard lots of good reviews about My Fitness Coach, so may have to invest in that. :)
I want a wii:cry: I do have a treadmill which I love but Id love a wii too
i cant afford a Wii;-( you lot are making me envious .... and grumpy


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i have a treadmill too. i want a wii fit but they're alot of money and theres bits you have to buy to add on etc i believe...


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I do enjoy the just dance and wii fit plus. At least if I cant get myself up and about to do some walking it does get me moving off the couch.
ive just done an hour on the wii, i love it... got my fitness coach (carido workout) the other day on sale and its fab, im well ready for bed now!!! just dance is great as well
the Wii is brilliant isn't it :) my kids use it mostly but I've ventured onto it a few times over the last few days, can only manage about 20 mins or so at the moment lol but will build it up.
I need to set mine up again, my mum had it for a bit and now its in a carrier bag still, i got bored of the wii fit tho last time so i think i may need to trade in some old games to get new ones hehe :) im gonna go set it up now in fact!


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I love my wii fit! :character00115:
I try to do at least 30 mins most days. Its the first exercise routine that I've been able to stick with and I love that I don't even need to leave the house! Its so satisfying seeing your little avatar get skinnier and the weight graph go down.
EA active is fab too for those who are a bit bored with the wii fit workouts and it lets you work out your own routines.
I find the boxing very good for letting off steam if i've had a bad day too....and its better for me than the alternative - which would be a big glass of wine! :party0036:
hi all

i am wanting to invest in a wii and wii fit (to start me off) i have been on numerous friends ones and just love it -- can anyone tell me where they got theres from and how much it was at all?? im gonna have to start skulking around for the best deal :) thanks in advance!
google it to compare the best price and packages. there is so much competition out there now. i have mine a few years now i think it was argos but honestly cant remember. good luck in your search. they r so worth the money

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