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I LOVE this diet!!!

Hi Everyone
Am new here but just so happy having had my second weigh in last night and lost another 3 lb which makes my total loss 1stone in 2 weeks. I can't believe how good this is and only wish I had taken the plunge years ago instead of scoffing at how unhealthy this diet must be!
My neighbor lost 5 st last year but I thought there'd be no way I could do this having to cook for kids etc
Is it really to good to be true or is there a down side at soe point?

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I feel the same about this diet! I'm finding it soooo easy at the moment and the weight just keeps falling off! I had never heard of CD until a few months ago when my nan's doctor recommended it to her cos she was too overweight to have a hip operation. She has now lost 3.5 stone and have never seen her looking so good! I just wish I'd known about it earlier instead of trying every other diet ever invented that just dont work for me! xxx


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Well done on your weight loss.

I dont think there is a down side as long as you stick to the plan. As a serial restarter I would urge you to make the most of this first time round as it does get harder to do the more times you come on and off it.

Good luck with your journey

I too wish i'd found this diet years ago whilst in my teenage year. It would of changed my life very much!
Hiya, Dont think there really is a downside at all perhaps social outting but thats ok they come and go dont they? Wish i had found this diet years ago aswell god all them years i wasted not doing stuff i really wanted to do all cuz i was FAT!

becky xx


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Well done Slinky! Great results. There are downsides but most are manageable. For me they are constipation (if I forget the Fibre89), some loss of condition to my hair and skin, the difficulties in keeping it a secret from EVERYONE other than my immediate family and not having a CDC locally. It's easy, there's practically no preparation, tastes ok and, most important, IT WORKS (well it does if you stick to it!!) lol
Thanks for all your replies, and well done for all your losses!
Jac, I am determined that this is going to be my last diet but I guess everyone feels like that when they start loosing so much weight - how come people put it back on so easily?


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What a fantastic spreadsheet! Thankyou to whoever created it! xx

ETA: LOL posted this in the wrong thread -- sorry!!


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Well done Slinky! xx


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I love this diet too, it's the first time in my life that I truly believe that I will lose 13 stone!!! I am so excited that I almost think I'm in a dream!

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